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How to Get the Swipe Up Feature on Instagram (WITHOUT 10K FOLLOWERS!)

How to Get Swipe Up Feature Instagram


Are you totally jealous of all the Instagram accounts out there that have the swipe up feature? I hear you. I'm just like you. When I made this video, I didn't  have 10,000 followers yet, so I discovered a sneaky little work around that will allow you to access the swipe up feature without having 10K followers.

The swipe up feature converts super, super well on Instagram, but what a shame it is when you have less than 10K and you can't access this feature. Now, when you don't have 10K, it's not quite as seamless as it would be if you had 10K and you wanted to use the swipe up feature. It does take a little bit more effort, but I promise you it's fully worth it because you can send people from Instagram to your website, to your sales page or your landing page.

Now, the first thing you're going to want to do is you're going to want to create a one minute vertical video and you're going to do that making your smartphone. Just take your phone record a one minute video, and in that video you're going to tell people why they should be clicking on your link. If it's a YouTube video you want to link to, for example, you're going to tell them why they should watch that video. At the end of that one minute or at any point in the video, you want to make sure that you tell people to click the link and point to the top right corner.

The next really important thing is to make sure that you upload a high quality thumbnail into your IGTV video, so it'll prompt you to do this at the beginning of your upload. Now this is important because the IGTV video that you post is actually going to automatically populate to your Instagram feed. If you don't upload a thumbnail, it's going to be just a random shot of your face that maybe looks like that or like that and that doesn't actually entice people to want to click into that video. If you add a custom thumbnail that has a graphic that tells people exactly what that video is about or exactly whatever it is you want them to click to is about, then people on your feed are going to be way more likely to click into that video.

The next thing you're going to want to do is you're going to want to upload that one minute video that you just created to your IGTV channel. Create your title and add your link in the description section and guess what? The link is actually clickable unlike when you add a link to a regular Instagram post. Remember that image where you're pointing to the upper right corner? This is because that is where the arrow is that they need to click to access that link and go to your video or whatever it is that you're linking to.

The next thing you're going to do is upload a quick Instagram story that tells people why they should click to whatever it is you want them to click to. Before you upload the story, you want to link your story to your IGTV post! On the top left corner of that Instagram story, there is a link icon. Click that icon, and you'll see that IGTV video that you just posted. You want to select that video and what that's going to do is it's going to allow the people who are watching your stories to swipe up to go to that IGTV video.

Do you see how this all connects? Basically people who are watching your stories are going to swipe up to get your IGTV video and then that video is going to tell them to click the link to go to your YouTube video or your lead magnet or your sales page or your blog posts or whatever it is that you want to lead to. It's a little bit more maintenance, but this work around works super well. I've tracked it and I get a ton of clicks this way to my videos, to whatever it is that I want to promote so I really do recommend using it and putting in that little bit of extra effort.

If you want to learn more about IGTV and how to dominate Instagram with it, be sure to watch my video, How to Get More Views Using IGTV.

- Kendra
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