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Boost Instagram Followers in 2019 (WITHOUT BOTS!)

instagram boost followers in 2019


Are you considering buying followers or even getting a bot to get more followers? STOP, I repeat, stop buying followers!!

I'm going to teach you how to boost your followers without a robot or without paying money for them. I grew my account from 2,000 to 9,000 followers this past year. And I did so WITHOUT bots, WITHOUT fake followers and WITHOUT paying for fake followers.

The first thing you can do to increase your followers on Instagram is to actually go out and follow your ideal client. Because every time you follow someone, your account actually pops up in their notifications. So if they are a person who might be interested in the type of content you're putting out there and then they are way more likely to follow you back. So if you are targeting single moms who are looking to lose weight, you might go around and look for Instagram accounts that are owned by single moms, which you can usually tell when you are looking through their feed.

Number two is to be SOCIAL on Instagram. Who knew that you have to be social on social media? So make sure to engage, like, and comment on the posts of your ideal client. When you can start a conversation with someone who might fall into your target market, that will actually tell the Instagram algorithm that they like seeing your content. And you're going to be way more likely to show up in their feed. 

The third thing is to be strategic with the hashtags you use when you're posting. This will make you more searchable. So you actually want to go out and do a little bit of hashtag research because if you're using massive hashtags that have millions of posts, as someone who has a small following, you're probably never going to rank in that category. You can utilize Instagram and search for various hashtag and see how many posts that each hashtag has. Now, as someone who has a smaller account, you're going to want to look for hashtags that are maybe under 50,000 or up to 200,000. But I wouldn't go over 200,000 because you're probably not going to rank since you are a smaller account.

My fourth tip is to utilize Instagram Stories every single day of the week, or at least every single day of your work week. Instagram Stories actually populate above the feed. So there are those little circles that are above your individual feed and every time you post a new story, it actually moves you to the front. So when you're posting stories regularly throughout the day, you're way more likely to stay on top of your ideal client's feed and they're going to be way more likely to watch your stories. Now, you want to be strategic with your stories. Instagram Stories is a fantastic way to educate and provide value to your ideal clients. So if you want to get inspired and see the opportunity for the types of Instagram stories that you can post, go ahead to Instagram and follow my account and tune into some of my stories to see how I do it.

My last tip is to optimize your Instagram bio so that when people come to your page, they know exactly what that page is about. So it really grinds my gears when I see health coaches out there posting their certifications, their interests. But there's actually nothing in that bio that tells me what is this page actually about. You only have five seconds to grab this person's attention and make them want to follow your account. So you need to be very clear about who the page is for and what they can expect to get from following the page. If you want to dive a little bit deeper into this and you want to know how to optimize your Instagram bio like a boss, make sure to grab my Instagram Bio Cheat Sheet.

All right, friends, now go grow that Instagram account and fire that robot!

- Kendra
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