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HTMA Experts trained by Kendra, FDN-P

Kendra has shifted her focus from private health coaching to health coach business mentoring. Below are practitioners who have trained with Kendra through her HTMA Expert course and are current members of her HTMA Masters program. All are highly recommended!!!

Leslie Menkoff

Based in: Ohio, USA

Credentials: FDN-P, HHP, HTMA Expert Graduate

Specializes in: women from 30-60 with adrenal dysfunction and hypothyriod symptoms. 

Connect with Leslie

Please email Leslie for her rates and availability at  

kim Heintz

BASED IN: illinois, USA

Credentials: FDN-P, HHP, HTMA Expert Graduate

Specializes in: 35-45 year old ambitious, active women get off birth control and naturally heal their bodies without horrible side effects, worrying about getting pregnant or needing medication

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Please email Kim for her rates and availability at


kelly johnson



Works with women who are overtired, overwhelmed, and over feeling at the mercy of their declining energy, increasing symptoms, and changing body composition.

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Please email Sara for her rates and availability at or go to her website and apply to work with her.

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silvia hogan

Based in southern california, USA

Credentials: HTMA-E, FDN-P, NTP

Specializes in menopausal / post menopausal women with digestive and immune issues.

Connect with Silvia

Please email Silvia for her rates and availability at 

ann knaup

Based in katy, tx, usa

FDN-P, Certified Health Coach (IIN)

Specializes in women with various health complaints but especially GI related issues.

Connect with Ann

Please email Ann for her rates and availability at


sheri winkler


Credentials: FDN-P and CGP

Specializes in women who want to create lasting health and vibrant energy by focusing on gut health and mineral balance.

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Please email Sheri for her rates and availability at


Based in la, ca, usa


Specializes in gut inflammation. She helps men and women ditch bloating and constipation so they can live pain free again.

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Please email Destiny for her rates and availability at



Angela Brown

Angela BROWN

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Credentials: FDN and Physical Therapist
Specializes in women with hormone problems as well as weight loss issues.

Connect with Angela

Please email Amanda for her rates and availability at or text ​or call 314-226-3137
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Anna Lubaszka

Based in Canada

Credentials: Holistic Nutritionist, Homeopath, Heart-Centered Coach and FDN-P
Specializes in empowering and supporting women who are ready to embody the best version of themselves. Anna does this with a simple and sustainable approach to optimize their minerals, hormones and energy, release self-limiting beliefs and develop a resilient mindset.

Connect with Anna

Please email Anna for her rates and availability at
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Brandy Buskow

Based in Regina, SK, Canada

Credentials: FDN-P and EFT Practitioner

Specializes in postpartum – Mom’s who want to get their energy back and feel like themselves again after kids

Connect with Brandy

Please email Brandy for her rates and availability at

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Kristina Cole

Based in Sacramento Area, CA, USA

Credentials: IIN, AADP, FDN-P, SAFM, CIHC
Specializes in Type A burnout, usually women but also men 40-70.

Connect with Kristina

Please email Kristina for her rates and availability at
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Mo-Han Fong

Based in Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Credentials: Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P), Certified Gluten Practitioner (CGP), Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition
Specializes in Women’s health, hormonal imbalance, gut/digestive issues

Connect with Mo-Han

Please email Mo-Han for her rates and availability at
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Jeanne Clunn

Jeanne Clunn


Credentials: Certified Nutrition Consultant

I help tired toddler moms overcome their fatigue, irritability, and hormone problems so they can get back to their pre-kid energy!

Connect with Jeanne Clunn

Please use Jeanne Clunn’s email link to connect with her for rates and availability at

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Kelly Da Silva


Credentials: FDN-P and I have a master (MSc) in Medical Biology

I help women with bloating and other digestive issues.

Connect with Kelly Da Silva

Please use Kelly Da Silva’s email link to connect with her for rates and availability at

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Stacey Turner

Based in Athens, Alabama, USA

Credentials: FDNP, Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist

Specializes in menopausal women

Connect with Stacey

Please email Stacey for her rates and availability at

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TWCK 145 | Pep Talk

Danielle Thompson

Based in Idaho, USA

Credentials: Ntp, RWP-3

Specializing in helping adults with asthma breathe freely again using simple nutrition strategies and breathing techniques.


Please email Danielle for her rates and availability at

Courtney Bear



Peri to Post Menopause Women


Please contact Courtney here

victoria franca

based in Miami, FL, USA

Credentials: FDN-P

Specializes in clients who are experiencing burnout.

Connect with victoria

Please email Victoria for her rates and availability through her website.