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I’m a former 6-figure Functional Health Coach turned Online Business Strategist for Health & Wellness Coaches.

I’m blunt and I will ALWAYS tell you how it is (no Bullshit, no sugarcoating, no flim-flam)

I drop F-bombs often, get fired up easily and like to make you laugh your a$$ off on your journey from scared, scattered and self-conscious newbie coach to confident, focused and high-performing wellness boss entrepreneur.

I’m here to call you on your internal bullshit, blow your mind with actionable marketing tips and help you build the health coaching business that brings you fulfillment, freedom and a blown-up bank account.

'Without Kendra, i wouldn't even be online with my business! she's passionate about seeing other health coaches succeed.'

Stacey Turner, Stacey Turner Wellness

Without Kendra I would still be spinning my wheels on where to even start to put myself online! I love that Kendra is to the point and without a lot of fluff. But, when I was really struggling through things she was also compassionate. I would recommend Kendra for her expertise in the health field, that is a plus for health coaches because she knows how the business works. But, most of all I would recommend her because not only does she work hard herself, she is passionate about seeing other health coaches succeed.

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'Kendra exceeded my expectations. I'd highly recommend her as a coach.'

Dr. Carmen James, Integrated Doctor & Health Coach

I found Kendra on my Instagram at a point in time where I was desperate to say the least. I’d spent lots of money on coaching programs and courses and had seen little to no results. And so Kendra was really my last resort. And after working with her for some time now I can certainly say that the coaching that she offers is unlike anything that I’ve experienced thus far. Kendra is extremely knowledgeable and she outlines her programs in such a way that they’re practical and easy to follow, but also very impactful. I love the fact that she also focuses on mindset and that she’s so patient and holds you accountable every step of the way. She certainly exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend her as a coach. Thank you so much!