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Can't remember what it feels like to have energy?

Do you wake up in the morning feeling like a train ran over you?

Are you exhausted all day long, regardless of how much you sleep?

Does every decision you make revolve around your waning energy levels?

Is fatigue completely ruining your life?

That completely sucks  . . . But the good news is...

I can help you reclaim your energy levels so that you can create a life of adventure and excitement.


 She was my mentor and training under her was amazing since she has a very deep level of knowledge. With her help, | have been able to fix so many of  my health issues and rise to the top of my sport. | am now a Kettle Bell Word Champion!!!! 


Lisa Pitel-Killah

Ontario, Canada


Kendra brings an easy to understand logical, science-based mindset to health and wellness...I feel so much healthier, happier, and I no longer let food control my life. 


Katie Ring

San Fransisco


Thank you Kendra for all your help! I feel so much better since working with you over the past 6 months. I feel a shift not only in my symptoms but in my attitude towards my health.


Fauzia Morgan

Honolulu, Hawaii

Reclaim Your Energy.
Live a Life of Adventure.

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