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Thinking of Adding Lab Testing into Your Health Coaching Practice?


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"Kendra was the first person to share the importance of mineral balancing and frankly it opened my eyes to a completely new world of healing! It's one of the reasons I had her join my team of online practitioners and put her in the role of training my team on the subject."


Melissa Ramos

Sexy Food Therapy Inc.


Many times the HTMA has been the missing piece when it comes to solving my client's health complaints. If you're a practitioner out there thinking about working with Kendra, I just can't recommend her enough.


Brandon Molle

Clinical Advisor for FDN Inc.


Kendra is a natural teacher. She takes complex concepts, helps you connect the dots that allow all the pieces of the HTMA puzzle to come together. She makes learning how to correctly interpret HTMA results and create protocols fun, clear and exciting.


Anna Lubaszka

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

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