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TWCK 146 | Editorial Calendar

The Power Of An Editorial Calendar With Lacy Boggs

Copywriting is an excellent skill that we know a lot of people possess. But sometimes, even the best copywriters still experience the ever-catastrophic “writer’s block”- where the mind just can’t come up with creative written content, no matter the experience

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TWCK 131 | Social Media

I F*cking Hate Social Media

  Social media has been acclaimed as a revolutionary way to connect with people around the globe. But not everyone is a fan. As a business owner, you may wonder if it’s worth your time to be active on social

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TWCK 119 | Niche Statement

The Truth About Your Niche Statement

An entrepreneur needs to let potential customers know what’s so special about their business. For this, you need a good niche statement. The question is, what do you need to make your niche statement great? Kendra Perry dives into creating

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TWCK 109 | Health Boss

Secrets Of A High Performing Health Boss

How do you become a high-performing health boss and entrepreneur? What secrets can we learn from these people? Kendra Perry dives deep into what it takes to be a health coach and entrepreneur as she is interviewed by Diana Popa

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TWCK 105 | Mistakes New Coaches Make

5 HUGE Mistakes That New Coaches Make

What are the mistakes do new coaches make? Host Kendra Perry comes in to lay on the table strategies that will help you avoid five of these. The first common mistake is not being specific enough about your niche. The

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