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How to Say No & Set Boundaries in your Business with Regan Walsh



To sum up today’s 360 Health Biz Podcast episode: we go from imposter syndrome to boundaries to running with masks. All of it is juicy, brilliant and definitely something you want to tune in for.

We are joined by Regan Walsh who focuses on living on your own terms and building your business mindset. Specifically in today episode, we are talking about the 5 points that will help you get out of the dark hole that is business fear.

1) Having clarity of purposeIn other words, knowing the direction you’re going in and saying no to distractions. This also means having your niche nailed down because if you don’t know who you’re talking to or the problem you’re trying to solve, how do you know the direction you want to go?

2) Building the “resilience muscles”This is all about your mindset and replacing the negative self-talk with positive self-love. Having a good mindset is absolutely essential to your business success. Maybe you’re thinking finances are the reason why you’re stuck or maybe it’s this pandemic we are currently going through. But the reason why you may be losing a lot of time is not what’s happening all around you but what’s happening all in your mind.

3) The strength to say NOThis can be a difficult one for new coaches who want to say yes to any potential client that comes your way. But you need to go back to point 1 & 2 and understand that if a client isn’t a good fit for you, it’s okay (in fact, we encourage you) to say no to them.

4) Stop caring what other people thinkThis is a big one and has roots all the way back to our younger years, but it’s especially a big one right now. Because during this pandemic it seems like the health & wellness world has a microscope on it and we are having to pick sides, and that’s simply not how you should be feeling. At the end of the day, you have to stop thinking about what others think and be courageous. You don’t need to explain your choices to people. You just need to do what your gut instinct is telling you to do.

5) Setting boundariesRegan summed this up by saying “I protect my time more than anything else because it’s my number one resource and I don’t want to give it away.” Simply put, every yes you give means you’re saying no to something else. So if you’re saying yes to coffee meetings with someone that wants to “pick your brain” (we’ve all heard it..they’re just looking for free advice), then you’re saying no to all the clients that paying for your time.

Regan Walsh is a NYU-certified executive and life coach who focuses on helping women who are overprogrammed and underwhelmed to reclaim their lives, both personally and professionally. She contributes to Harvard Business Review and Forbes, and has been featured in Fast Company,, Smart Business, and Columbus CEO. She has coached thousands of women through her one-on-one and group coaching programs, and she is regularly asked to give keynotes, facilitate workshops, and speak on panels for Fortune 500 companies, industry associations, and foundations. She has done so for clients like Nike, QuickBooks, and JPMorgan. Regan is located in Columbus, Ohio, and coaches people from all over the world.

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