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Email Marketing Subject Lines that Entice Your Clients to Open IMMEDIATELY

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In health and wellness, the average email industry standard open rate is about 20%. What that means is you need to be really on it with your email marketing and you need to be absolutely sure that you are going to hit to as close to 20% as possible. Otherwise your efforts are kind of wasted. So if you've noticed that your email open rates are below 20% then you definitely want to tune in to this video, because I'm going to teach you four types of subject lines that will make your subscribers want to open your emails.

1) Curiosity: You want to intrigue subscribers to make them want to see what's in the rest of the email.

2) Personalized subject line: People really love when things feel personal or feel like they are written just for them.

3) Story tease: People really love stories and a story subject line is an enticing way to start things off.

4) Authority subject line: If you have accomplished something, don't be afraid to share this with your subscribers. 

Watch the video to learn more about the do's & don'ts of email subject lines, including examples of each type of subject line. If you found the video helpful, let me know by liking it, you can subscribe to my channel, or make sure to share it with all your business besties.

- Kendra
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