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Scarcity Mentality & How It’s Blocking Your Business Success (AND 4 WAYS TO CHANGE IT NOW!)

Scarcity Mentality & How It’s Blocking Your Business Success


"Your beliefs form your reality and your reality confirms your beliefs." - Louise Hay

When I read "You Can Heal Your Life" book by Louise Hay it really made me aware of my beliefs and mindset and in my new video, I'm going to give you four ways that you can shift from a scarcity mentality to one of abundance.

So let's start with what is a scarcity mentality. In the simplest terms, it is the belief that there is never enough. Whether it's money, food, emotions, or something else, it is this belief from our core that there will never be enough to go around. As a result of that mentality, your actions stem from a place of lacking rather than abundance. So you might complain about never having enough money or never having enough clients. Maybe you never have enough energy, or you feel like there are never enough resources to accomplish your goals.

Likely there is something that has happened in your life that has led you to develop this mentality or this belief system. So maybe your parents always struggled with money growing up, or maybe there was never enough food on the table. And you have likely picked up this mentality from someone else. There's a good chance that you downloaded this into your system before you were even old enough to be aware that it was happening. Regardless of where it came from, if it's there, it's a problem. This action is going to dictate your actions in business, and it's always going to confirm what you believe to be true, which is that there is never enough.

So here are four ways to get to abundance mindset:

1) Change your internal dialogue
If you find yourself saying, "I just can't make money from health coaching" or "There aren't enough people who will be able to afford the cost of my services" - those are scarcity mentalities. This type of language is actually a pretty big deal, and it's going to have a massive effect on your business success and your ability to attract clients and money. So you need to switch your language by being conscious and aware. Tapping into emotional freedom is actually a great place to start if you want to shift your mindset. A must read for health coaches who are struggling with their abundance mindset is Tapping Into Wealth by Margaret Lynch. It's very powerful and it'll help you work through your scarcity mentality and shift into that abundance mindset.

2) Gratitude
Even if we're struggling in business, we still have so much to be grateful for. And the studies have been pretty clear on this. People who have a regular gratitude practice will exhibit better emotional and mental wellbeing. So be very intentional in giving gratitude in your business and make a conscious effort to write down the things about your business that make you grateful each and every day. I like to journal in the morning by writing down what I'm grateful for in my business and personal life in what I call a professional gratitude list. Even though we all get down in business sometimes, with this gratitude list you can cycle back to it and remember that you have a lot to be grateful for.

3) Stop hanging out with people who have a scarcity mentality
If you are hanging out with people who are negative and who have that scarcity mindset, then that is going to suck you in with them. So you need to remove yourself from that energy and start surrounding yourself with people who have that abundance mentality, and who think more positively. This is why it's so, so important for solopreneurs or health coaches who work by themselves in their offices to have a boss community. Because a lot of our friends and family don't really understand what we're going through.

4) Set realistic mini goals
When you set your goals too high or too big, it's really easy to fail, which then will confirm your scarcity mentality. So it's important to set attainable, small goals on a weekly or even a daily basis. So every time you accomplish even these small mini goals, you should celebrate, and subconsciously this is actually going to tell your mind that you have choice, possibility, and abundance. So the journal that I love to use is called the Best Self Journal because it allows you to set 13 week goals and allows you to write down all the tasks and mini goals that you need to accomplish in order to achieve that bigger goals.

I hope this was helpful, and I cannot wait for you to attract so much abundance into your life.

- Kendra
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