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Inside My 5-Figure Launch

Inside my 5-Figure Launch

If you’ve been following me for at least the last few months, you likely saw that I was launching my Health Coach Accelerator program! And today, I want to give you an update on how that 5-figure launch went.

Health Coach Accelerator is my new signature group experience that I am running with 21 amazing women. Literally a few weeks before I launched it, I decided it was going to be a live group program. It was a bit of a 180 from my original plan but I’m really happy with how it turned out. Now, let’s dive into my launch plan.

I was selling the program at a mid-range price point (of $997) so I knew I was going to need some sort of presentation for it. And typically when you’re around that thousand dollar mark, you really need to make a show of it to show it’s value.I did a webinar, a few hundred dollars worth of Facebook ads, email sales sequences, and Instagram stories.

5-figure launch webinar

The webinar went really well for me, but it took me significantly longer to create than I thought it would. I was getting really stuck with what I should teach. I find with a lot of other webinars, there is a lot of fluff and people don’t give away much. But I feel that if my viewers are going to commit 45 minutes of their time to watching my webinar, I wanted them to be able to walk away with something that they could implement, even if they didn’t decide to invest in my program.

I had a pretty good live show up rate of 30%, which is really good. 20% is generally what you’re aiming for.

5-figure launch email marketing

Something that was really different with this launch is that I did not write the sales emails. After the webinar, I always do a sales sequence where I’m sending one to two emails a day for seven to 10 days. And typically I would rewrite all the emails in advance and then I would send them along to my assistant and she would schedule them out. I did not do this this time.

At the time of launch, I was actually dealing with a lot of motivation struggles and burnout. So I was literally writing emails the night before they were going out, which ended up working in my favour. I was able to get a pulse of how people were feeling as I was writing the emails and basically on the spot make specific emails that I knew were going to help people with what they needed help with.

But there was one specific email that worked really well for me during this $5k launch. And in that email, I asked “what is holding you back from signing up for Health Coach Accelerator? Let me know let’s chat.” And I got around 30 different responses to that email, which is super cool because I was able to have conversations back and forth with people. I probably sold a third of those people into the program, which is very cool.

The not so much 5-figure launch social ads

Now what didn’t go well, was my Facebook ads. I could not get my Facebook ads to run at all. It was incredibly frustrating. I got a whole bunch of ads going and they all got approve. But I had set up a custom conversion and the custom conversion was not tracking. So I couldn’t tell if I was getting leads or not. I could tell that people were registering and I got about maybe 30, but I couldn’t actually tell which ads were performing well. And I had probably 20 different ads.

I eventually posted a job on, which is where I find a lot of my freelancers and contractors, asking for anyone who could help me figure out the tracking issue I was having. I ended up hiring someone who showed me how to set it up, which was really awesome. But when I restarted the ads, because I had turned them off, they all got disapproved across the board and it was so frustrating.

The silver lining of all that was I ended up hiring the upwork freelancer as my new Facebook ads manager.

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