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Build a Business in Just a Few Hours a Week

Build a Business in Just a Few Hours a Week

If you only have 5-6 hours a week to work on your business – how do you spend that time? Is it possible to build a business when you’re only able to work on it a small amount of time? ABSOLUTELY.

And in today’s episode of the Wealthy Coach Podcast, I am going to share with you exactly how to you can do that.

In this episode I’ll cover:

  • what you should be working on in those few hours a week
  • how to turn your side hustle into a full time business
  • how I built a highly successful business in 15 hours a week
  • the 3 most important things you should be working on

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There’s really only three things that you should be working on in your business as a new business owner.

Client Acquisition

This is the sales and marketing side of your business that will get you clients.

Client Retention

You want those clients that you have to stay and keep coming back for more. Your customer journey is ongoing and you should always be thinking about what to give your clients next after they’re done with your group program. Because the truth is, It’s hard to get a new client, but it’s really easy to keep a client that you already have. 

Systems Creation

This is creating an automation system in your business so it can run without you being there all the time. This means doing less manual things and automate as much as you can.

When you’re new to your business, there needs to be a heavy focus on client acquisition. And this should take up 3-5 hours of your time. Spend around an hour going through your systems to ensure that your onboarding process is bulletproof, but your main focus should be on finding new clients because if you don’t have clients, then systems creation is less important. Of course, if you don’t know who your ideal client is, that needs to be your number one focus. And if you aren’t sure how to figure out your ideal client, make sure to download my Find Your Money-Making Niche Workshop. After you know who your niche is, 4-5 hours spent on your business will be a breeze!

- Kendra
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