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How to Find New Clients (Why Getting Clients is So Hard)

How to Find New Clients Why Getting Clients Is So Hard

Everyone has to start somewhere. How many times have you heard that before? But it’s true! Any entrepreneur or coach doesn’t start their business and then wake up one day and have a completely booked up schedule with new clients. If you have been struggling with finding clients, this episode will teach you how to find new clients.

Finding clients is hard and it takes time and a lot of effort. So in today’s episode, I’m taking a deep dive into WHY exactly finding clients is hard, and what you can do to actively find the clients you want to work with.

In this episode:

  • 3 things you need to get clients
  • the biggest piece of advice I can give when trying to find clients
  • how consistency builds trust
  • active ways to find clients
  • my recent success with finding clients (to the point where I thought I had been spammed)
  • the number one reason why finding clients is so hard

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Before you even consider getting clients, there are three things that you need in place first. 

A niche. 

I talk a lot about niching because you need to know who you’re even talking to. Not only from the standpoint of where to look for clients, but also from a standpoint of who is ultimately going to be attracted to you. 

A program. 

You can’t just sell one-on-one services. You can’t just sell a package of sessions that doesn’t sell anymore. What is going to sell is a signature method or a signature program. 

Consistent visibility.

It’s way more important to get out there and be consistent than to just be sporadic and all over the map. If you’re just posting content on social media, that’s great, but you actually have to be seeking out clients consistently. You can’t just sit around waiting for them to come to you. That’s probably why it feels so hard.

If you only have a few hours a week to work on your business, make it your priority to seek out clients., right? Even if you have lots of time each week to work on your business businesses, that needs to be one of your tasks.

Here are some of the active ways that you can find clients:

  • engaging (ethically) in Facebook groups where your ideal client is
  • hosting workshops
  • be a guest on someone’s podcast
  • seek other collaborations like a speaker at a summit, webinar, etc.

The reason why clients getting clients feels so hard is because getting a client is the most time consuming, most expensive, and most energy intensive thing that you do in your business. So rather than dwelling on how difficult it is to find new clients, you need to reframe the way that you’re trying to get clients, and redirect your time to actively seeking clients. Because when you really dedicate yourself to this, you’re going to be everywhere. And that repetition will really build your credibility. 

Finding clients feels hard because it is hard and it takes work. And for some people it could take a year or more to really happen and that’s not abnormal. If you’re six months in and you still don’t have any clients, that doesn’t mean you suck. That doesn’t mean you’re a bad coach. It doesn’t mean you should give up. It means you’re exactly where you should be and you just need to keep going. So I encourage you to audit your tasks and see how much time you are spending on every single task in your business. That might be incredibly enlightening to you because you might find that you aren’t spending a lot of time actually out there actively seeking clients. And if that’s what you find, I highly encourage you to shift that and make sure you’re spending 60 minutes a day or maybe five hours on a Friday getting out there, and being in control of the clients of whom you find.

- Kendra
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