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A Website Versus A Landing Page

TWCK 112 | Landing Page

A website or a landing page? Which one should you invest in? In this episode, Kendra Perry discusses the difference between a website and a landing page to help you decide which avenue is best for your business. She goes through the pros and cons of each and gives her expert advice for new business owners looking to invest. Tune in to learn more and find out which one is better suited for your goals!

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A Website Versus A Landing Page

In this episode, I want to address a question that was asked inside my Health Coach Accelerator Group. What is the difference between a website and a landing page and which one do I need? This is a great question  for me because I have been doing this business thing for a long time. From my perspective, this is a basic common knowledge question, but for anyone who is new, it is not common knowledge. It was a good question to get because I was like, “There are probably people who do not understand what the difference is. I do not think I have ever made the differentiation. That is what I’m going to do now.

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Let’s dive into a website versus a landing page. Let’s start with a website because you are probably more familiar with what a website is. A website is a general overview of who you are and what you do. I’m sure at this point in the world, you have been on many websites and you have probably noticed that there is a bunch of different pages. There might be a homepage, an about me page, a programs page, or a products page. There is usually a contact page. Sometimes there is a block.

There are a lot of different pages on a website and a lot of different calls to action. A call to action is simply something that tells you to take action, like click this link, do this thing, go over here, download this, whatever. A website will give people an overview of who you are and what you do. It might lay out your different programs. It might tell them about you. It might give them a link to download your freebie.

The thing with websites is websites in 2022 are not the same as  they were in 2012. Back in the day, when I first got online, which was about 2011, websites were a thing. If you had a business online, you needed a website. Everyone was obsessed with their website and bloggers used to make big money back then with their websites but in 2022, websites were not nearly as impactful as they once were.

The problem I have with websites these days is that there are all these calls to action. They are not specific. Someone might land on your page and get lost, end up somewhere else and never take action versus a landing page, which you can think of as a page website with one clear call to action and no other distractions.

A website has a menu at the top and maybe it has a sidebar and it has all these things going on. There are a million different things you could do on a website. You could click into this blog post, you could click over here or you could go here. There are so many different things you can do on a website. You can get lost and never make it back to where you originally were. With a landing page, there’s nowhere to get lost.

There is no menu and no sidebar. There is only one clear purpose that someone is on a landing page and you only have one intention with that landing page. An example of a landing page would be an opt-in page to deliver your freebie. You have probably been on many opt-in pages before whether you have realized it or not.

Let’s say you land on a page and it is, “Download this free thing.” Maybe it is a guide, cheat sheet or something else but there are no other distractions. The only reason to be on this page is to download the free thing, whatever it is. You can’t get distracted by other menus or other clicks. There is nothing else on the page.

TWCK 112 | Landing Page
Landing Page: For a website to be found, it needs to be optimized for search engine optimization. It is not a one-time thing. It is not something you click. It is not a small process that you do. It is an ongoing thing.


A landing page would be a way to deliver a freebie. It could also be a way to sell a product. There are no distractions. There is nowhere to click. The only clickable links on the page go to the actual order form. The only clickable links on an opt-in page only go to the form. It is where you put  in your name and your email address to get the free thing. That is a distinction. Hopefully, that makes sense.

People are often wondering, “What do I need?” I believe if you were in your first three years in business, which if you are reading this blog post, there is a very good chance that you are, you need a landing page and you can forget about the website. Coaches get caught up on their website. They think that they need a website to look professional but they do not think about, “What is the website for? What purpose does it serve? Is it going to give me a return on investment?” If you invest in anything, you want that money to come back  plus more or it is not worth your time.

The thing with websites and this is a hard truth  about websites. Because you have a website, it does not mean that anyone is going to find it. In order for a website to be found, it needs to be optimized for Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It is not a one-time thing. It is not something you click or a small process that you do. It is an ongoing thing. For example, I have a guy who works on SEO on my website ten hours a week and he has been doing that for the past several years. Until you can hire someone to make a website and hire someone to do ongoing SEO for you, a website is not worth your time.

The other issue with websites is they are time-consuming. It is the most technical thing you will do. It takes a lot of time. When you are new in your business and you still do not fully understand your ideal client, who you are as a brand, what your program is, you have not mastered copywriting skills and messaging, do not have your lead magnet, all of these things, a website is not worth it. What you are going to find is you are going to be updating your website every month and this is what I did.

I had my website and I was in there every other month updating it because things were changing as I was learning more about my brand, my business, and the humane of whom I was serving. I was spending so much time updating and any small task on a website is never a small task. You are like, “I will do this. I will update this thing,” and then three hours later, you are like, “Where did the time go?” It takes a lot of time.

The other thing with websites is the bars are high for sites. People do not have patience for websites that load slowly and are not navigatable. They are hard to navigate, they get lost or it is not mobile-friendly. There are all these things with websites and notice your behavior online. I’m sure you have had an experience where you have landed on a website and it was confusing. You could not find what you wanted, the text was too small and you were out of there. It is seconds. You make this decision and you are out. A website should not be built by someone who is not a professional and does not know what they are doing.

You can hire someone to do your website but to get a good website done, it is going to be thousands of dollars. I do not believe that you should invest in a website until you know all those things I mentioned before. You know your ideal client intimately. You have mastered copywriting. You understand yourself as a brand, you have your program and you do not plan to be changing that for the foreseeable future. You can afford to hire someone and you can afford to hire someone to do SEO.

You can have a beautiful website that you paid $5,000 for but if you do not have someone doing SEO consistently for you, your traffic is going to be nothing. It is better to invest in landing page software, something like ClickFunnels or FG Funnels. FG funnels are what I use. Something like Leadpages, any of those things.

Not only can you build as many landing pages as you want, meaning that if you have multiple freebies, free training, free resource guide or cheat sheet. You can build those all on separate pages. It is easy to set up with good landing page software. They typically have an easy-to-use builder where you can quickly set that up and link it to your email marketing software so that you can deliver the thing.

The other thing is you can create sales pages in it. If you want to have a simple one-page website that says, “This is who I am. This is how I can help you. This is how you can work with me.”It is all that you need. You can do that with landing page software. You do need landing page software. You do not need a website.

Honestly, I do not recommend that you get a website until at least your third year in business and when you are making good money. You can hire someone to do Search Engine Optimization so that people find the website. There is a place for blogging. Blogging can be helpful for people if they are good writers, you are intentional with your blog posts and you are being strategic with your blog posts. You do not want to blog willy-nilly about random topics. You want it to be specific to what people are searching for. That can be a powerful way to grow your business but until you know all those things and you can invest the money, it is better to focus on social media.

TWCK 112 | Landing Page
Landing Page: Until you can hire someone to make a website and do ongoing SEO for you, then a website is not worth your time.


I hope this helped clear up the difference between a website and a landing page of what you need as a new business owner. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram. My handle is @KendraPerryInc. I do love hearing from you and I do answer every single one of my DMs. If you want to work with me further, you can sign up for my free masterclass, The BBUILD Method Unleashed. If you are on your podcast app, you can swipe up and see the show notes. You can go to That is all for now. I hope you enjoy this episode.


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