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Do First. Ask Questions Later.

TWCK 111 | Ask Questions Later

Do first, ask questions later. For entrepreneurs, this means shaking free of analysis paralysis and getting ready to act. Kendra Perry flies solo to discuss why coaches need to be ready to act and not bog themselves down with questions. Kendra talks about the learning process and why it’s okay to make mistakes. Tune in for more great coaching insights from Kendra to help you on your journey.

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Do First. Ask Questions Later.

Welcome back to the show. I’m excited as always to help you blow up your business. If it’s your first time reading, welcome. If it’s not, welcome back. I’m an online business mentor for health and wellness coaches and my goal is to help you build a six-figure business that you love, that gives you financial success and flexibility and helps you change the world.

I want to address a huge distinction that I see with my students in who is successful and who is not. When students come into Health Coach Accelerator, I can usually tell right off the bat who is probably going to have more success than the rest. The Health Coach Accelerator is my signature course and group coaching program that helps you build the framework that you need to have a six-figure business that is generating at least $10,000 each and every month.

In this program, we spend 90 days getting your strategic marketing plan in place, teaching you how to sell in a way that makes you love sales and helping you gain visibility online so that you can create a community of raving fans and turn those people into high-ticket paying clients in your coaching business. If you are some sort of health and wellness coach, health practitioner, or a coach working in the personal development space like a spiritual coach, life coach, or mindset coach, you will be the perfect fit for health coach accelerator so long as you’re not yet making six figures. If you want to learn more about Health Coach Accelerator, the best way is to sign up for my free masterclass, The BBUILD Method Unleashed. You can access that by swiping up on your podcast app on this episode or by simply going to

Let’s talk about this distinction. There are two types of people that typically come into Health Coach Accelerator. There are those that have a million questions before they take action. They go through the modules and instead of just taking action on what I tell them to do, they will ask question after question and create all these different scenarios of, “What if this happens?” The result is they’re asking a ton of questions but they’re not taking the action so they get caught up in what I call analysis paralysis. They want to have the perfect answer. They want to know how to execute the task or the assignment before they put it out into the world. That’s the one type of person that comes through.

The other person that comes through will do the thing and then ask questions after. I’ll give them a task, they’ll go out and do it, observe what happens and then they’ll come back with the questions. Who do you think does better? It’s the second person. The thing is with business is it’s really hard to answer questions definitively when you don’t have data. Running a business should always be based on data. What are the analytics saying? What are the metrics saying? What are the numbers saying? What’s the data saying? What a lot of coaches will do is they will make decisions based on feelings or emotions instead of the actual facts. The data is neutral. The emotions and feelings are convoluted. You don’t want to be basing decisions on emotions or feelings. That’s how you end up going down a million different paths, getting confused and not making progress at all.

When students come in and ask me a million questions before they take the action, all I can give them is theoretical answers, like, “This is likely to happen. This could happen. Maybe this will happen. Maybe this. I’m not sure.” I can give them scenarios versus the person who did the thing and have the data and now, they’re asking questions about it. I can look at the data at what happened or they can tell me about what happened and then I can give them a more specific and definitive answer.

TWCK 111 | Ask Questions Later
Ask Questions Later: The more you take action, the more you learn, and you will also want to accept that it’s not going to be right the first time around.


Action is really important in this. What a lot of people want to do is they want to design the perfect business behind the scenes and then launch it into the world and that’s impossible because first off, there’s no perfect business. A successful business comes from data, learning, reworking and doing it again. It’s hard to know what direction to take when you don’t have any data. It ends up being this theoretical answer. Also, you end up basing a lot of your decisions on feelings and emotions. The students that do the best inside Health Coach Accelerator just take the action. They look at what I tell them to do, go do it and then have a result. They have data and then come back and ask me the questions. It’s much easier for me to help guide them because we have something to base the answer on.

I hope this makes sense because this is important. It’s very clear to me who these people are when they come into my program. There’s nothing wrong with asking questions. I love answering questions for people. It’s one of the most favorite things that I do inside my business. I’m never annoyed by questions. I’m more than happy to answer questions but until people take the action, my answers are theoretical, like, “Maybe this. Maybe that. It depends,” versus the person who has the data where I can give them a more definitive answer.

Let me use an example. We’re talking about content creation. Maybe the thing I’m telling them to do is to post an Instagram reel. Maybe the person is like, “How do I edit it? What if I do this? What if I put it out and nobody pays attention? What if this happens?” There are all these things versus the person who just posts the reel and then they’re like, “I posted the real. It didn’t get any views. Why is that?” Now, I can look at the reel and be like, “I’ve noticed that you don’t have a hook. You got to hook people in within the first three seconds. I’ve noticed that your text is off to the side or cut off so people can’t see the text. I’ve also noticed that your reel is probably too long. It takes you too long to get to the point.” Do you see how this is different? I can give everyone all the feedback they need on creating a reel but until they do it, it’s hard for me to give the feedback.

My advice for you is to take action. Make taking action your priority inside your business. The more you take action, the more you learn. You will also want to accept that it’s not going to be right the first time around. You’re going to make a lot of mistakes and that’s okay. That’s in the job description of being an entrepreneur. Every time I do a launch, for example, something goes wrong, gets effed up, or goes sideways. I’ve never had a perfectly smooth launch to this day. There’s always something. There are so many things that go into it but what I will tell you is every time one of those mess-ups happens, we don’t make that mistake again. We make sure there’s something in place to make sure that doesn’t happen again. That’s learning.

If you have read the previous episodes, I talk about failing on my first four launches. It was super rough. I didn’t make any sales. I didn’t make my money back. I had spent nearly a year developing this program and then nobody wanted it. It was rough. It felt like crap. It felt like rejection but without that experience, I would not be able to launch now. These days when I launch, I always have five-figure launches. I always make between $20,000 to $60,000 depending on what I am launching, which is great but I’ve only been able to do that from having those failures because those first four launch failures taught me a lot. It taught me about launching, messaging and marketing. It taught me everything.

It’s okay to do things without fully knowing what the result is going to be. That’s important. You never really know what the result is going to be. You have to just take the leap and know that if it doesn’t get the result that you want, it’s not the end of the world. I promise that you won’t die. You got to put on that objective scientist hat, take the emotion out of it, look at the data and then make your decisions moving forward from that. Do first and ask questions later. This will always serve you over asking questions first and then doing later.

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