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How Many Program Tiers Do You Need?

TWCK 113 | Program Tiers

Are you a couple of years into your business, but you’re not seeing the money you deserve in your bank account? In this episode, Kendra reveals what you need to do to maximize your program tiers and reach your six-figure business goal. She shares her client attraction formula, so you can enroll new clients into your coaching business using free, organic marketing strategies. You don’t have to waste money on any paid advertisements no more. Tune in as Kendra lays out her entire framework and some actionable tips you can use in building your programs.

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How Many Program Tiers Do You Need?

I’m going to address a question that you probably have or maybe you don’t even know that you have because it’s not even something you have considered. It’s something that I talk to my Health Coach Accelerator students all the time. Before we dive into this episode, I want to tell you a little bit about Health Coach Accelerator.

If you love these episodes, and you are a coach in the health or wellness space, you are either brand new or maybe you are a couple of years into your business but you are not enrolling the clients that you want or seeing the money that you deserve in your bank account. Also, you want to work with me a little bit deeper to hit those goals of a six-figure business, then I invite you to HCA, my signature course and group coaching program that will help you start and grow your business to six figures.

In this program, I help you develop your marketing strategy, your sales strategy, your client attraction formula. You can enroll new clients into your coaching business using organic marketing strategies. When I say organic marketing, I mean free strategies. We are not going to be using any paid advertisement. You don’t have to waste money on Facebook ads. I’m not going to be telling you to waste money on a website as well. This is an amazing program. Our students get fantastic results.

If you want to work with me more deeply and learn more about Health Coach Accelerator, the best place to do that is to register for my free on-demand masterclass, The BBUILD Method Unleashed. In this masterclass, I give you the entire framework that I teach inside HCA, plus actionable tips. You can get started even if HCA isn’t the right choice for you now. If you are interested in HCA at the end of that training, I go into great depth about what HCA is and how you can get started if you are ready to have a six-figure business.

What I want to talk about is how many tiers or options do you need for your program? When I started my health coaching business, I had three tiers. I don’t know where I’ve got that information from. I can’t remember. It was years a few ago but for some reason, I felt I needed these three different options. I remember the program that I was in at the time. They essentially told me to sell one option but I felt people need more choice. I’m going to sell more if I give them more options.

I had a jump start. I had a mid-level program, which I called the deep dive, and I had the intensive. Each tier was a different length. The jump start was a shorter program. The higher level one was longer. I also used to run labs as a health coach. I had less labs in the lower program and the most labs in the higher program. I thought this was the way to go.

When I would try to sell these on sales calls, what I noticed was most people chose the lower option. That was slightly frustrating because I wanted to sell the middle option. There is a bit of a sales psychology to that that I had heard before and taught in the past. Have three program options and make the middle one the way that you want to work with people because it’s going to seem the cheaper option compared to the higher level but it’s going to seem better value than the lowest. That does make sense from a sales psychology perspective but what I found was that most people would go for the lower program.

TWCK 113 | Program Tiers
Program Tiers: Having more choice doesn’t necessarily mean you will make a better decision.


As I started business coaching, I noticed this in my clients as well. Typically, they were selling their lower program. I was tried to figure out, “Why was it so hard to sell the middle program?” I realized something when I was building my house. As you may or may not know, I built the house that I’m living in now at the end of 2019. We did it with a builder. I did not build it with my bare hands. I wish I did but I didn’t. What I learned during that building process was that more choice doesn’t necessarily mean you will make a better decision.

I also learned something when I was on Tinder. I had a brief six months of being single in between one relationship and the relationship I’m in now where I’ve got on Tinder. I’m super grateful for that time that I got to experience this whole dating app thing. I live in a small town. When I was on Tinder, you would be swiping and run out of people. You would have to turn it off for 3 or 4 days, and then come back to it, and there would be some people in town again.

I remember going to Vancouver once and I was like, “I had so many dude options.” It was amazing but incredibly overwhelming. It was too many options. In the end, I didn’t swipe right on anyone. If you don’t know Tinder, you swipe right if you would like them, you swipe left if you don’t. I noticed that with the building of my house as well. When there were 50 options, I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t even know what to choose. I made better decisions when I had less choice.

This also translates into your program. When you are giving your prospective clients more choice, it doesn’t mean they are going to make a better decision. It especially means they are not going to make a better decision when they don’t have the education. When I was looking at tiles, there were all these different types. Aesthetically, I knew what I was looking for. There was this and that type of tile and all these different types of tiles. I didn’t know anything about tiles. I didn’t know which one was best for me.

When it comes to health and coaching, they don’t know which is the best program for them. What they will look at and the thing that will make their decision is the price point. We all know how to price match and look for the best discount. A lot of us were socially conditioned to price match and look for the cheapest option.

Until I’ve got into alternative health and wellness and I started learning about the quality of food and I had no problem spending more money for better quality but as a teenager and as a young adult in my twenties, I was always looking for the cheapest option because I had no concept of quality. It’s very natural for humans to commodify.

The only thing they understand in that situation when you are giving them three different options with three different price points is the price. That’s why the majority of people were going for my lower ticket tier. That’s the big reason why this was happening with my clients and students as well. The problem when you do this, if the ultimate way that you want to work with them is in that mid-level program, then you are doing them a disservice because they are choosing that lower ticket program, which isn’t going to get them the result that they want.

TWCK 113 | Program Tiers
Program Tiers: Why would you be doing a half-ass job on a bunch of different things when you could be doing a bad-ass job at one thing?


They don’t know what’s best for them and what they need but you do. You know what you need to do to help people get the result, and the best way that you want to work with people, that’s going to set them up for success. You know that because you have the education and training but they don’t know. They are typically going to go for the cheapest one.

The other issue when you have three options is you have to get very good at selling all three. If you are struggling with sales, as most people do early on in their business, it’s hard enough to learn how to sell 1 thing, let alone 3 things. You have to know the benefits, outcome, and selling points for each 1 of those 3 tiers. You have to be able to differentiate them from each other, which needs to go beyond the length of the program. If your mid-range is a 90-day program and your high ticket one is a 6-month program, you might think, “They get more time with me and more opportunity to get the results. They are going to want the higher one because it’s more time with mem,” but they don’t see that.

They are getting started with you. They want to do it in the least amount of time. They are not passionate about health as you are. They are coming to you because they have a problem. They are suffering. They have pain. They wouldn’t even be looking into this if they didn’t have that pain. They are going to look at the 90-day program and be like, “Let’s start with that.”

Even though they might know you need more time with them, they are going to go for the last time. You have to do a good job of not only individually selling each tier but make clear distinctions between every tier that you have. That can sometimes be hard to do. If you are a functional coach who’s offering labs, oftentimes, you will make the distinction between the lab tests. Maybe get 1 lab test first tier, 2 lab tests with the second tier, or 3 lab tests, and then 5 lab tests or whatever with the highest one.

When it comes to lab tests, they also don’t have education in that. They don’t know what these lab tests are. They have presumptions about the lab tests that they need. If you are not a functional health coach, this will get slightly technical for a moment here. For example, we are talking about hormone testing. A lot of women hear that, “My hormones could be a thing,” so they want hormone testing. They want the hormone test but they don’t realize is that running a hormone test actually gives more questions than answers. It’s not really the best test to run if you are looking for the root cause.

It’s definitely not a good test to start with. I know that because I have done functional lab training but your person is like, “Sweet, hormone test.” That doesn’t differentiate them from each other. There is not a clear distinction there. They are like, “I want the hormone test.” You have to explain, “The hormone test is not quite as valuable as you think it’s going to be. We want to look into the gut and do minerals. We should look into food sensitivities,” and all these things and it confuses people.

If you are selling high ticket one-on-one, then you are going to be selling with a sales call. At the end of a sales call, there should be one clear call to action. If you are spending all this time talking about all these different tiers, then they are not going to be ready to sign up on the call but that’s your goal. You want to get yeses on the call. They are going to be like, “Send me the information. I will take a look at that.”

TWCK 113 | Program Tiers
Program Tiers: You have to do a really good job of individually selling each tier and making clear distinctions between every tier you have.


That’s not good because that will make them more overwhelmed. They will get sidetracked, rethink it, and you are going to lose that client. How many tiers are optimal? This is not popular. You only need one program. You might be feeling a lot of resistance in your body. Maybe there’s some tightening in your chest, your neck. You are like, “I need more choices to make more cells. I want to make sure there’s a choice for everyone.” That’s not true.

The more you can simplify your sales process and what you offer, the better. A lot of business owners think they need all these different offerings to make money. Some of the most successful multimillion-dollar entrepreneurs have one program. Simplicity scales is something I have been saying a lot. I took this from Rick Mulready, who is my coach. How can I make this simple? If you have one option, you need to master selling one thing and that’s going to make your life easier. You know how you want to work with clients. You know I need 90 days to go through this entire process.

If you are a functional health coach, you are like, ” I want to run these five labs. This is what we need.” Figure out and build the program that is their best option for getting the result. That is what you sell. It’s not going to be for everyone. There are going to be some people where they are like, “That’s not quite right for me,” but that’s okay. You want to get known for one program.

You do not want to have people going for the lower ticket program because it is cheaper or has less time. The lower ticket one doesn’t get them the result or gets them started. That’s not what you want to do. You want to work with people who are fully committed to go the full way with you to get the result. One program, one tier is all you need. Sometimes we resist things when they feel simple because we are like, “That’s too simple. It’s too easy. That can’t be right. F*** this. I get it.”

I do this all the time. This is something I’m working on as well. I’m trying to simplify my business. I’m someone who does have multiple offerings. I’m trying to streamline it and figure out, “How can I make this simpler.” When there are less things to do, everything is easier. When you have multiple products and programs, you have to learn how to sell all of them. You need different funnels. You need different strategies. There are different avatars like, “Who is this for?”

It gets complicated. That can make things confusing. It can mean you are only doing a half-ass job of a bunch of different things when you could be doing a badass job at one thing. You only need one program, one tier. That’s it. if you want to learn how to not only build your program but sell it online so that you can enroll your dream clients into your program, book it out, build a wait list practice.

I do this with my students inside Health Coach Accelerator. This is the program if you are a new health coach or you are years into your business but you are not getting the results that you want. You want to work with me. I can help you start and grow your business to six figures using simple, organic AKA free marketing strategies.

This is what I do inside Health Coach Accelerator. If you want to learn more about Health Coach Accelerator, the best thing to do is register for on demand masterclass, The BBUILD Method Unleashed. This is where I go through my entire framework that I teach inside HCA. You can get an idea, “Does this framework resonate?”

You can get some tips to start putting this framework into action. If you are interested in Health Coach Accelerator, I will go through all of that at the end of the training and show you how you can sign up. I hope you like this episode, and I will see you again, same time, the same place where I help you become wealthy AF.


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