Transform from a scared, scattered and self conscious coach into a confident, focused and high-performing BOSS entrepreneur!

Let’s get that biz off the ground so you can do what you are truly meant to do – transform lives!

You have the power to help thousands of people while creating financial freedom at the same time.

Growing an online business can seem overwhelming, I know. Especially when the way it currently feels for you is ANYTHING but easy. If you’re being honest, it downright SUCKS.

The thing doesn’t have to be this way, friend!

You can have a thriving 1:1 client practice OR a lucrative group program (or both!). I know because this is what I do, all day, every day. You CAN have the business you want; the one that feels exciting and hundreds hundreds (or even thousands) of people!

This is precisely what I’ve helped 200+ health coaches overcome already.

So let’s talk about how I can help YOU too.

Health Coach Accelerator

My STEP-BY-STEP process for building a profitable and impactful health coaching business that brings you freedom + flexibility (NO NEED FOR A FANCY WEBSITE OR PAID ADVERTISING)


Health Coach Accelerator is re-launching on September 27th!

HTMA Expert

The Practical Application of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for Health Practitioners

Minerals are the spark plugs of life. They are needed for virtually every single chemical reaction in the body. The hair is a simple measurement of the mineral content of cells. With the accessible and affordable test, you can gain insight into your client’s unique biochemistry to increase client results and the success of your business.

I created HTMA Expert after having personal success in my own health through the implementation of this test. In my search to learn how to understand it, I found that there was a complete lack of education available. The courses I could find completed lacked practical application and I was left wondering what to actually do with the results

After years of researching in PubMed and hiring every expert I could find in the field, I crafted HTMA Expert to help other health practitioners interpret and utilize this powerful and foundational test so they can truly transform the lives of their clients.

HTMA Expert is open for enrollment and you can join today!


Find your $$$-making niche and start attracting those dream clients!

My Define Your Profitable Niche is designed to help new health coaches choose a niche that not only feels aligned but is also profitable.

Choosing a niche is CRUCIAL. If you don’t, you WILL struggle to build your business. Your audience will feel confused and they won’t know you can help them. PLUS, you will feel confused too! You won’t understand what content to create or program to offer.

My 2-Hour Define Your Profitable Niche Workshop will teach you the importance of niching, the most common mistakes that health coaches make and how to choose the right niche for your business!

Want to hire me privately?


The clients that I do enroll, come from my Health Coach Accelerator Group Experience. So please start with Health Coach Accelerator (best for coaches who are not currently making 10K per month consistently in their business). If you have accomplish this and you are looking to scale your business, send me a message below or reach out to me on Instagram @kendraperryinc. Please note that private coaching requires a 5-figure investment