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How to Create an Email Nurture Sequence for (THAT MAKES YOU MONEY)

How to Create an Email Nurture Sequence


So you have delivered your awesome lead magnet and now you have this person on your email list. But is that the right time to actually pitch them and offer your program or service? People take time to actually warm up to get to know and trust you. They need time to actually decide if they like you. That is exactly what an email nurture sequence is for.

In my new video, I'm going to teach you step by step how to create a high quality email nurture sequence that turns those email subscribers into paying clients.

Before I had a lead magnet, I had a really hard time turning my email subscribers into clients. It made me think that maybe email marketing didn't really work. I quickly learned that when it comes to health, people don't trust you right away. They need to warm up to you and you need to help them get there. Once they have warmed up, once they feel like they know you, they trust you, they like you, they're going to be way more likely to want to invest in whatever it is that you have to offer.

Once I started implementing my email nurture sequence, I started getting 10 to 15 discovery calls from potential clients, which was pretty overwhelming. It was a lot, so I actually had to switch to an application only practice in order to not lose my mind. So it was awesome.

An email nurture sequence is a series of emails that people receive after they opt in for your free offer. It helps them get to know you and your story, and it helps you know their method so that eventually you can pitch your program or your service. In my experience, I find six emails to work the best, but of course everyone's going to be a little bit different so you want to test that and see which length or amount of emails is going to work best for your business.

Let's break down what each of those six emails should actually include. ​

Email number one: your lead magnet
Email two and three: tell your story
Email number four: the purpose is to aggravate the problem and surprise them
Email number five: testimonial
Email number six: your pitch

I love pitching in email six because I've shared so much of myself with them already. I've shared my personal story, my struggles, I've related it back to them. I've shared my testimonial of how I can help someone just like them. This is a great time where they might actually be really interested in learning more and maybe even working with you.

If you don't sell them at email six in the email nurture sequence, that's totally okay. Some people do need a little bit more time to actually warm up and that's no problem because you're going to be sending an email to them every single week with valuable information, warming them up even more so that eventually they are ready to invest in what you have to offer.

If you want more details and examples for each of the emails in the nurture sequence, be sure to watch my video!

- Kendra
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