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Customer Journey Mapping: The Key To Creating Return Customers!


The beginning of your customer journey starts basically when a person comes into contact with you, this could be through a social media post, reading your blog, or maybe they heard you on a podcast. But once they know that you exist, where do they go next?

In my new video I’m going to teach you what a customer journey is and exactly how to map one out so that you see success in your business.

A customer journey is basically the journey or the series of steps that a person takes on their way to becoming one of your clients. A lot of people think that once someone becomes a client, their customer journey stops, but in my opinion, it needs to keep going for so many reasons! If you don’t have a next step, your clients are going to drop off and they’re just going to go find someone else who is offering them more.

So where does the customer journey begin?

Your content is always the starting point of your customer journey. This content is your social media posts, blog posts, YouTube videos, Pinterest pins, or podcasts (either your own or as a guest on another podcast). Once you’ve caught their attention and impressed them with your content, you can offer them something for free lead magnet.

This lead magnet should always get them to onto your email list. Because usually the first time they come into contact with you, they’re not ready to buy. They need a few more touch points and that’s why you really need to get them onto our email list. This will build a relationship with them, engage with them, provide them value so that they actually want to buy from in the future.

The email nurture sequence

To build trust, you need to feed them a series of emails, which I call an email nurture sequence. If you don’t know what this is, it’s an automated series of emails that you give all new subscribers in order to warm them up, introduce your method or your system and allow them to get to know you a little bit better.

At the end of your email nurture sequence, this is a where you hit them with a great offer. Maybe that’s a free discovery call or a lower price product, like a pre-recorded workshop or a mini course, or maybe you’re going to offer them a spot into your group program.

You’ve got a new client!

Yay, congratulations! But you don’t want this journey to stop there. And this is where a lot of people drop the ball.

Let’s say your new customer signed up for your one on one coaching program, which maybe lasts about three months, but at the end of three months they’re not done yet. They’ve gotten some results but they want to go deeper. What is going to be the next step for them?

If you don’t have some sort of group membership program, maybe they get one call a month with you or they get ongoing email support. This is going to be the same thing for someone in a group program. When they finish the group program, where are they going to go next? Are you going to try and upgrade them into your private coaching program and turn them into a private client? Do they get offered that monthly membership or do they pay an ongoing fee to continue to get access to the group program? Or do they want to book private sessions with you?

It’s important to remember that the customer journey never ends. The customer always needs to have somewhere else to go because if you don’t offer it to them, they’re going to go somewhere else.

Be sure to watch the video for more examples, and if you want more business tips, sign up to receive my Weekly Biz Tips!

- Kendra
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