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Creating a Brand Message to Stand Out as a Health Coach

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You’ve nailed down your niche client (thanks to our last episode), but now that you know who your client is, how do you actually talk to them?

In the newest episode of the 360 Health Biz Podcast, we are talking about how to keep your brand messaging consistent, authentic, and engaging to your ideal client.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Brand consistently is key, even down to how you dress
  • Creating your messaging means you need to do some investigation on yourself
  • You are your brand, you are your person!
  • The hardest part of being in business isn’t
  • Entrepreneur vs Intrepreneur
  • How to tie everything back to your niche


If you want to get your health business off the ground without diy-ing it for the next few years, we will help you with our 90-day bootcamp that will take you from a nobody health coach to sought-after expert. Get on the waitlist here:

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- Kendra
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