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Embracing the Feminine & Masculine Energies in Business with Jen Beverage

TWCK 38 | Feminine And Masculine Business

Are you experiencing an unhealthy emotional attachment to your business? Do you find yourself working and hustling into the ground – and always trying to control the outcome?

And then, being completely disheartened when things turn out differently?

If any of this rings true, you are going to love this conversation I had with spiritual evolution coach, Jen Beverage on the Wealthy Coach Podcast.

In this episode we dive into:

  • How masculine and feminine energy play out in your business activities
  • How to identify the toxic masculine and toxic masculine that are preventing you from seeing success in your business
  • How to surrender to the process of building a business and stop trying to control everything
  • Why you are NOT your business
  • Why your lack of self-worth is holding you back in life and in business
  • And finally, the one thing you can do that will truly set you free in this lifetime


What is Masculine & Feminine Energy

We as human all have masculine and feminine energy. Regardless of what gender you identify with, we all have these energies. Both the good and the less popular traits.

Masculine gifts maight look like structure, confidence, focused energy, or clarity. Whereas the “divine feminine” as Jen called it, there’s more of the unconditional love, intuition, flow and just lettings things happen.

The more toxic traits of the masculine is that abusing, criticizing very controlling energy. For the feminine, it can be that victim mode, codependency, oversensitivity, and manipulation.

Men can have a feminine energy and women can have masculine energy and we typically have a combination of both in some way or the other.

“One moment you can be choosing from your divine healed, masculine, where you’re confident and the next minute you can be choosing from your unhealed or toxic feminine, where you’re actually being very codependent or victimy.”

Jen Beverage is a spiritual evolution coach on a mission to help driven women create a life that not only looks good to the world, but also feels fucking phenomenal. She’s passionate about helping women create massive success by tapping into their unique gifts and sharing them with the world, authentically and unapologetically.

Connect with Jen at:
IG: @uncagedfeminine

- Kendra
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