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5 Tips to Start a Health Coaching Business in 2020

Being successful in 2020 isn’t the same as 2019.

Running an online business is like living life in the fast lane. It changes all the fucking time. What worked last year, doesn’t work this year.

If you want to stay successful in biz, you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Every year, either in person or virtually, I attend the Social Media Marketing World Conference. And this is so I can see what the top marketing experts in the world are saying about online marketing.

Today, I’m going to let you in on 5 secrets I learned from this conference.

1) Show up on video

I don’t know how successful you can be without using video in your online business. Clients are only going to buy from you if they feel like they know like, and trust you. And that’s something that’s really hard to pick up from text alone. People are really going to connect with you a lot faster and more deeply when you actually show up on video because they can see your face.

I totally get that video can feel overwhelming and scary. I remember when I first started going on video, I was SO uncomfortable. It’s important to remember that no one is born being good at video. It’s something that you learn and improve over time.

My advice is to just do it and to keep doing it because you will get better over time and more comfortable over time. For more on this topic, listen to my Wealthy Coach Podcast episode on overcoming the fear of getting in front of the camera.

2) Tell a story

Stories are very much woven into our DNA and there are many different ways we can share stories within our business. But first you have to figure out what your story is. I’m not asking you to share your entire story, but spend some time, and write down your entire story. Go through it and highlight the most interesting and the most relevant parts.

And then share this story with your people. Don’t be shy to share stories in your business as much as possible. Whether its a story of a client (without naming names of course), or your success story with your own health issues.

3) Build relationships

Gone are the days where you’re just trying to get as many people as possible on your email list or following you. We don’t want to go wide anymore. We want to go deep.

It’s way better to have 500 super engaged Instagram followers than 5,000 who don’t care about what you’re doing.

You actually have to get boots on the ground and you have to get to know these people. You have to reach out and have conversations with them.

4) Get into the dark social

Sounds creepy right? Dark social refers to the social media that can’t be tracked. This is going to be your Instagram DMs, Facebook messenger, Facebook groups, WhatsApp message, Skype calls, etc.

You can’t really get analytics on it but it’s the perfect place for building relationships. Your goal should be to start as many conversations as possible with your people on social media.

A good way to do this is to send them a voice message in their DM or messenger. If they send you a voicemail back and start up a conversation with you, that is gold in the Instagram algorithm. It basically tells Instagram that they like your stuff and you’re going to start showing up more preferentially in their feet.

5) Ability to pivot

2020 has been a dumpster fire so far. We’ve had a lot of things going on that have thrown a fork into a lot of what we’re doing. If there’s one thing I have learned from 2020, it’s the ability to pivot and to adapt as crazy things are happening.

The entrepreneurs that will be successful in 2020 and throughout this global economic shift are the ones who can adapt and change course when needed. Having the ability to adapt and continue to serve your audience, that is truly what makes a really successful and a sustainable entrepreneur.

Want more? Watch the video where I review all these strategies & tips in detail.

- Kendra
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