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How to Stand Out as a Wellness Coach

Stand Out as a Wellness Coach

“How am I going to stand out as a wellness coach?”, said pretty much every online coach that ever existed. Yes, the coaching industry IS becoming more saturated as more and more people discover the wonders of online business. 

Yes, there are already coaches who are doing what you want to do. And newsflash – EVERY niche has already been done.

Does this mean you can’t thrive and be successful as a health coach? Tune into my latest video to find out.

In this video I share:

  • 5 ways to stand out – above the competition
  • The number one thing you missing in your marketing – that is driving people away
  • The series of actions that MUST be done – or you will get unfollowed
  • The most important step for creating referrals and testimonials
  • The number ONE thing your marketing needs to focus on
  • Why being “professional” is driving people away!

Watch the video here

There are more sick people on this planet than health coaches to serve them. So even though the industry can feel saturated at times – that’s because you are hyper aware of other coaches (yes, there are still people that have no a clue what a health coach even is).


And also yes – you CAN stand out. But not if you’re out there pushing general health coaching in a mono-tone voice, trying to be “professional” and giving those watching no reason WHY they should choose you over someone else.

You CAN stand out, but only if you listen up!

Have a clear and concise message

Now I know I talk about niching and messaging a lot, but it is the way that you stand out online. If you’re selling general health coaching services, you’re not going to stand out. Your message is going to be boring and diluted. It’s not really going to be meaningful for people of whom you want to help. And truly, they’re not going to know that you can help them. 

We really need to get into the brain of this person who is seeking help for their health. If we are ever going to be found by people, we need to target the specific search terms in which they’re looking for. And this really comes down to your niche statement.

Have a really unique and compelling brand

We should be thinking about the brand as the experience that a person has when they come into contact with you and your business. It’s the emotions that they experience. And so you want to be very intentional with how you build your brand. 

Take the most interesting and compelling parts of your personality and translate that into your online persona. I truly believe that we don’t have competition online because I think there’s only one year when there’s only one me and we’re not competing with each other because we’re just being ourselves and people will always naturally gravitate towards the people of whom they connect with the most. 

Love the out crap out of your clients and audience

People will want to work with you if they truly feel cared for. If you are truly out there showing that you care about them so much, and that you want to provide them value and help them as much as possible, that will make you stand out.

Always be trying to brainstorm new ways that you can take better care of your clients and serve your audience better. This is what is called serve first, sell second method. My goal with everyone who I talk to online, is to determine the best outcome for them, even if it’s not working with me.

When I say this, I’m not telling you to break boundaries. I’m not telling you to build a business that makes you exhausted. I’m not telling you to allow clients to message you at two in the morning. It’s not what I’m saying. You can still have extreme love for people while still setting boundaries. 

Focus on trust

Try to think about how you build trust with a friend. So let’s say that you just met someone new. How are going to go about establishing trust? Well, you are going to make a concerted effort to get to know them, ask questions, show that you’re interested in knowing more about them. And you’re going to listen to them. And you’re going to give honest and authentic answers to any questions they may have. You are also going to be consistent with your plans. 

So building online trust is really the same as building offline trust with friends and family. How this translates into an online presence is you need to make a concerted effort to show your audience that you care about them. And this includes being consistent in your marketing – emails, showing up on social media, etc.

Be polarizing

In 2021, it’s not that hard to be polarizing. It feels like everything is polarizing. And this doesn’t need to be political stuff, it can be within your own industry. When I say polarizing, what I mean is you split people down the middle. People are either a 100% on board or it just turns them off and they go elsewhere. That is not a bad thing because the people who are on board and resonate with what you are standing up for, they are going to be your biggest leads. They’re just going to naturally gravitate towards someone who has similar values and viewpoints that they do.  So don’t be afraid to take a stand and yes, when you are a polarizing character online, when you do take a stand, people are not going to like it and you are going to get some pushback. It happens.

You got this! I know you can stand out now, get out there and let me know how it goes!

- Kendra
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