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How Jennifer Created a Waitlist Practice in Less than 90-Days!

How Jennifer Created a Waitlist Practice in Less than 90-Days!

Have you wondered how long it takes to start making the BIG money in your coaching practice? It’s a big question I see a lot with new health coaches and it really depends on so many factors! But with the right support, the right strategy and the right mindset, making the money you want to make can happen a lot quicker than you think.

My amazing Health Coach Accelerator, student Jennifer proved that with all of the above, you can go from hitting a plateau with clients to completely booked out at your dream price point!

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When Jennifer joined HCA, she was an established health coach but she had maxed out the clientele in her area and she felt like nothing was happening.

After less than 90-days in Health Coach Accelerator and implementing the material – she quickly exploded her practice and maxed out her client load.

Jennifer Woodward is a FDN Practitioner, Board Certified Functional Wellness Coach, and Executive Director of AFDNP at Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. In addition to that, she is also the busy mom of 4 young kids and currently in school for her Master’s degree. Prior to the Health Coach Accelerator program, Jennifer needed to find her focus as she was trying to serve too many people. With the help of HCA she was able to hone in on her niche and get the technology in place to automate much of her content. This freed up time to focus on what matters most in her business – the client!

Jennifer now helps women have stress-free, better periods so they can focus on more important things in life.

If you want to see amazing growth in your business like Jennifer did, be sure to get on the Health Coach Accelerator Waitlist! Enrolment opens on April 7 but you have to be on the waitlist to get in! Join here

- Kendra
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