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Create a Presentation in Canva and Deliver it With Ease

Create a Presentation in Canva and Deliver it With Ease

Did you know that you can create a presentation in Canva and then run the entire slideshow from Canva? In today’s tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create, build and execute a slide show presentation – ALL INSIDE CANVA.

Watch my Canva Presentation Tutorial

If you have an online course, group program or if you like to give your clients videos to watch prior to their appointments, then creating a slideshow presentation can be an incredibly effective way to teach.

Canva is fantastic for creating beautiful and professional images and slideshow presentations – and even better – you don’t even need to leave Canva to run the slideshow. You can use it all inside Canva! This tutorial will show you how to create a presentation in Canva and then instantly present it within Canva.

I make all my presentations in Canva and then run them during the webinar, again from Canva. I find it really easy to work with and streamlined.

With the pro account, you can search presentation and it’s going to give you a bunch of templates to chose from and customize them to your branding colors and fonts. This is why you want the pro account, because when you get the brand kit, you can actually save your brand colors. 

A really cool feature when you create a presentation in Canva, is that you can add presenter notes to your slides. If you’re giving a slideshow live, you will want to have notes to refer to. And so you can write everything you need to write in Canva. 

As of now, I run all my slideshows through Canva. I don’t put them into a PDF or a slideshow, PowerPoint, Google slides, Evernote, or anything. I just run everything from Canva and I find it incredibly easy and very streamlined. 

I hope you fine this tutorial helpful and I can’t wait to see what presentations you create in Canva!

- Kendra
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