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Overwhelm in Business? This will Help!

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed? Does your to-do list flow right off the page? If that’s the case, I’m guessing you’re feeling pretty overwhelmed in your business. What is a health coach to do who has ONE MILLION things to do yet never seems to have enough time in the week to get it all done?

Perhaps dissecting the root cause of the overwhelm and fix it from the ground up. Sound good?

In today’s YouTube video, we will discuss…

  • The root cause of your overwhelm in business
  • How to better manage your time to reduce overwhelm
  • 3 simple tips to eliminate overwhelm and get shit done 


New business owners are very easily and very commonly overwhelmed. And the reason for that is typically people have no idea what they’re actually getting themselves into when they start a business. So I have three tips to help reduce overwhelm in business so that you can actually get shit done. 

Stop feeling overwhelmed by planning in advance

You can do this on Friday for the following week, or over the weekend. The important thing is to put time aside at the end of your week in order to plan for the following week. Now, if you are a health coach who was working with clients, you should be setting your calendar up so that people cannot schedule with you less than a week in advance.

Why? Well it really sucks when say it’s Tuesday and you’re calendar is open so you can get your content calendar done for next month. When all of the sudden BAM, you look at your schedule and you realize that three clients have scheduled with you. And now you don’t have that time that you thought you had. Now, when you don’t allow clients to schedule with you less than a week in advance, that means when you look at your calendar on Friday, you will know exactly what your week looks like. Here’s how you can do that in Google Calendar.

Batch things in advance to reduce overwhelm

I remember when I first started my business, I used to try to write my weekly email to my email list every single week. I would try to schedule that for Monday, but things would come up and I ended up sending random emails at random times and it wasn’t consistent.

What I do now is batch my newsletters one month in advance. I do that with my social media content, YouTube, and podcast episodes. And then I’m good for the next four to six weeks. 

Deal with overwhelm by hiring help

I know new coaches are really resistant to this, but what they don’t realize is that by hiring help, they’re actually giving themselves a lot more time to do things that really matter. There isn’t enough time in the day to do everything yourself. You’re running a business, but the good news is you can hire someone for relatively inexpensive and free up at least two hours a week in calendar.

- Kendra
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