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Online Business Tools for Wellness Coaches

As an online business owner, having the right online business tools makes life way easier. So even if you feel overwhelmed by the tech, you need to realize that learning certain tools will make your business so much easier, not to mention, so much smoother!

In my new video, I’m sharing my top 5 online business tools that you need to use in 2021!


Before we get started, you need to learn how to heal your relationship with tech. Yes, you have a relationship with tech and it’s probably not very healthy. Usually as new business owners, you feel very overwhelmed with the tech stuff because it’s new and you don’t know how to use it. It can feel very intimidating and overwhelming, but tech is a tool. And if used properly, it will literally give you hundreds, if not thousands of hours of more time in your day. 

Luckily there’s a lot of really great online business tools and platforms out there to help you out and I’m going to share my five favourite with you that I think every single online coach needs absolutely in 2021.

Online tool #1: Practice Better

This is an online client management platform that is specifically made for health and wellness coaches. Even if you are not a health and wellness coach, but you practice as a coach in any other field, this is a great tool for you. Because it combines a lot of different platforms into one.

With Practice Better, you can store all your client information including any intake forms, their contact information, notes you take during sessions, etc. You can automatically send forms to clients when they sign up for your program and they can create a legal signature online. You can also have an online scheduler within Practice Better, as well as your payment system. 

There is a free option if you just want to play around with it. I think the plan that you would typically use is somewhere around $40-$50 a month. But it’s 100% worth it because it would cost you more money to combine multiple platforms and then you’d have to connect them all and organize them.

Business tool for coaches #2: Fullscript 

Fullscript is an online dispensary of supplements that you can prescribe to your clients. There is a US Fullscript as well as a Canadian Fullscript depending on which part of North America your clients live.

Basically, you as the health coach go into your account and find all the products your clients need, you create a recommendation for your client,and then that recommendation gets emailed to your client. And then they received the email, they click a button and it brings them through the checkout process. So it’s very seamless. And then you get a commission on all your supplement sales. 

When I was a health coach and I was working with clients, I was making about $600-$800 a month from my Fullscript commissions. 

Another cool thing about Fullscript is, when the person is running low on their supplements, Fullscript will actually send them a reminder that they need to order more supplements. 

Online Business Tool #3: ConvertKit

ConvertKit is hands down my favourite email marketing software. The reason for this is because it’s very user-friendly and you can easily create beautiful landing pages. They also have great customer service and you can grow with it. Some of the biggest marketers in the world use ConvertKit and it’s truly an amazing platform. 

Online Tool #4: Trello

If you’re a bit disorganized like me, then Trello is going to be your best friend. Basically you can create these project boards for projects and then within each board you create lists that can include checklists, due dates, etc. 

If you work with freelancers or contractors or even full time employees, you can add them to your Trello boards. So it keeps everyone organized (including yourself). 

The best part of all, is Trello a free online business tool! amazing. I believe I’m using 10 different boards and I still haven’t paid anything. not paying. 

Online App #5: Evernote

This is an app that is primarily a notes app but has all these other functionalities. The thing I love about Evernote is you can create notes and it syncs up with both your desktop and your phone. So if I write something down while I’m out walking in the woods and I have an idea, I can throw it into Evernote and it’ll also come up on my computer. Similar to Trello, you can create due date and checklists in Evernote, and you can also share your notes with others.

You can sign up for Evernote completely free. I only recently just upgraded to the Pro account to get a little bit more functionality.

Hope you find these online business tools to be helpful in growing your online business!


Practice Better

USA Fullscript

Canada Fullscript




Health Boss Starter Kit

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- Kendra
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