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#50 – Create A Freebie That Convert‪s‬

TWCK 50 | High-Converting Freebie

Is your email list growing or is it stagnant (like a green, stinky, goopy swamp)?

If you are struggling to grow your email list, we gots to chat about your freebie!

Your freebie is the amazing resource that you give away in exchange for a person’s email list.

And let’s get real for a minute. The inbox is one big-ass stressor and getting MORE emails is something almost no one wants.

If you are to successful acquire an email address you BETTER be giving away something super f*****g valuable.

The problem is that most health coaches have crappy, confusing or generic freebies that nobody wants.

Could this be you?


In episode 50 of the Wealthy Coach Podcast, I am talking about how to create a freebie that people actually want!

I’ll teach you:

  • The top mistakes you might be making when creating your freebie
  • 3 elements of a high converting freebie
  • Plus, 3 freebies to test out for 2021

Listen to the podcast here:

Create A Freebie That Convert‪s‬

I am super stoked. We are in the Health Coach Accelerator launch. The cart is open. The doors are open. People are enrolling. I would like to invite you to enroll as well. If you are new to my world and you’ve never heard me talk about Health Coach Accelerator, get ready to hear me talk about it all the time because it is my life’s work. This is my 90-day signature group experience for health coaches, for wellness practitioners, for health professionals, anyone working in the health and wellness, personal development online space, who’s feeling a little bit broke. You’re not making $5,000 per month, at least consistently. Maybe you’re making $1,000, $2,000, maybe $3,000 if you’re lucky but it does not feel enough to truly thrive in all areas of your life.

That is what we do inside Health Coach Accelerator. There are some foundational pieces that are always missing when health coaches are not making $5,000 per month, always 100% of the time. I’ve never had someone come to me who’s like, “My business is not doing well, I’m not making money,” where I see all these things in place. These things need to be in place. If they are not in place, the business will be broken and you are not going to have success launching a course, running a group program, doing a membership, any of those more advanced things that you want to do in the future because the foundation is leaky, shaky. You built that foundation with plywood and clay. It’s hobbling. This house you’re trying to build on top of it is destined to fall into pieces like your business.

This is the program for any new business owner who is maybe brand new. Maybe you’re even still in nutrition school. That’s cool. You do not have to be graduated to join. Maybe you’re even up to three years in your business but you’re not hitting that $5,000 consistently. This is the program that will teach you how to do that life changing. What do we do inside Health Coach Accelerator? We start with messaging. We start with the niche, your ideal client, who you’re talking to. You know that I’m super crazy about niching so I will not let you walk away without a niche that is profitable. You need to have a good niche.

We’re going to talk about branding, how to be unique online, how to create a business, an identity, a feel, a vibe that people think is unique, different and that they are attracted to, branding, more than your colors and your fonts. We’re going to talk about your offer. We’re going to make sure that you have an incredibly attractive offer. If what you’re selling is not attractive to the people of whom you are trying to sell it to, it isn’t going to sell. This is another big problem that I see. We’re going to build out your transformational coaching program and then I’m going to teach you how to sell it on a sales call. I’m going to give you my entire script. I’m going to teach you how to do what I call permission-based selling.

This is selling that does not make you feel salesy, gross or pushy. We don’t want any of that. We want feel-good selling. That is what permission-based selling is. I’m also going to teach you how to sell yourself on social media by creating magnetizing content. Content that people think is amazing and brings them into your world. I’m going to teach you how to master social media and content creation, plus repurposing of your content. We will also talk about building out your email list. It’s important for anyone who is working online. We’re going to talk about how to get people on your list, growth strategies and also how to hack your email list, plus, last but not least, mindset.

Mindset is a big focus of Health Coach Accelerator because that is the primary reason why new business owners fail. It’s not the lack of strategy, although that can be part of it but it’s mostly our inner wounds, our triggers, the stories of which we are telling ourselves, stories like, “No one can afford to buy what I’m selling. I’m not techie. I’m tech illiterate.” That is a story that you are telling yourself. Until we work through our blocks, our limiting beliefs, our triggers, our wounds, we’re going to be stuck in your business. We have mindset trainings. I will bring in some experts to help you, plus I will be coaching you on mindset through the entire program.

This is taught in a group format. We have live training calls, live Q&A calls, Facebook group community. I am with you every step of the way. I am giving you feedback on all the assignments, on all the homework on your business. My eyes are on your business so that you are set up for success to start generating $5,000 per month consistently in 2021. You can get there quickly if you do what I tell you inside Health Coach Accelerator. We are open for enrollment. I don’t think we’re open for too much longer, maybe a couple more days. I’m in the process of opening up my calendar because I never organized.

TWCK 50 | High-Converting Freebie
High-Converting Freebie: People wouldn’t give their email addresses up for nothing.


5 Things To Avoid

I would love to have you inside Health Coach Accelerator. This will be one of the most powerful investments you make in your business in 2021. I know this. Make sure that you join before we close because we will not be opening up again. I may not be doing this. That is a long time away. This is what I’m saying. I’m done talking about this. I hope you will join me. We’re talking about freebies. What are freebies? You may have heard this called a lead magnet, a free resource, a free gift, an opt-in but a freebie is something you give in exchange for somebody’s name and email address.

You have done this before. You have experienced this behavior. Someone said, “Do you want my free guide, my free video?” You end up on a webpage. There’s a little form. You type in your first name. You type in your email address. You press the button. You end up on another page and it says, “Check your email.” You go to your email. There’s a link in your email where you download that free resource. That is the freebie. These are all the same thing, free gift, free resource, freebie, lead magnet, opt-in.

The goal of your freebie is to get people onto your email list. The thing about the email list is people don’t like getting emails. The email inbox is a stressor depending on what people do for work. They might be receiving hundreds of emails a day. Do they want another email from you? Probably not. The truth is what you exchange, this exchange that you make, it needs to be worth their while. It needs to be juicy. Otherwise, they don’t want to give it up for nothing.

Before we get into the elements of a high-converting lead magnet, I want to talk about the biggest mistakes that coaches are making while trying to build their list. If you are out there offering people access to your newsletter in exchange for their email address, you’ve got to stop. It’s not going to work. Nobody wants an email or a newsletter. Did they use to want it? Yes. When I first got online, when I had my blog in 2012, I had a box on my website, on my blog that was, “Sign up to get my weekly newsletter.” The newsletter was just a notification that I’d posted a blog post. People signed up for it. I got hundreds of people signing up for that. That’s crazy. Why was that? It was new. It was a novelty.

Email was still relatively new. Blogging was new. This whole concept of a newsletter was relatively new. People were like, “Give me that newsletter. I want that thing.” These days, people are like, “I don’t want a fucking newsletter.” They don’t want that shit. You cannot offer a newsletter because nobody’s going to sign up for it. It’s going to be rare that someone signs up for your newsletter. When I see this on people’s websites, when I see people pitching a newsletter, I’m like, “Gross. What are you doing? Get with the times.” No newsletter. The other thing I see people do that’s a huge mistake is where they say, “Sign up for my list to get updates.” Does anyone want to sign up for a list to get updates? Maybe with certain things, maybe with news, websites or something where people legitimately want updates but most people, especially for the type of business you have, they do not want updates.

This is why it’s important to offer them something of extreme value that makes it a no-brainer for them to type in their email address. Newsletter sent out for my list, it’s not going to work. Once people realize this about the newsletter, the email lists, they’re like, “I’ll write an eBook.” There are people doing eBooks. This is old school. eBooks don’t convert well anymore. Why is that? It’s because they’re a big-time commitment. It takes a long time to get through an eBook. Sometimes eBooks are hundreds of pages and it can be incredibly valuable.

The truth is when people sign up for something for free and people are signing up for multiple free things, the commitment isn’t there. They forget about it because it was free. They didn’t have to give anything up other than their email address to get that eBook. The truth is most people are not finishing eBooks. We want people to finish it. At the end of your eBook, you’re going to be like, “Do you want to work with me? Here’s how you sign up for my sales call. Here’s how you follow me on social media.” You want them to get through it. You want them to finish it and be like, “That was amazing.”

TWCK 50 | High-Converting Freebie
High-Converting Freebie: Your offer needs to be juicy. It needs to be worth their while.


If you are making an eBook, I suggest that you stop. Do not make that eBook. It’s going to take you so much time to make it and you’re not going to get much traction from it. That comes to my fourth mistake, which is similar to what I said about too much commitment. You met someone. Someone downloading your freebie is the first time they are coming into contact and getting something, acquiring something from your business. You don’t know them. Don’t ask for too much of their time. I see some people are like, “Get my three-week email course.” Three weeks is a big-time commitment to ask from someone who you just met. You don’t want it to take them that much time to get through. I’m going to explain that more when we talk about the elements of a high-converting freebie.

The fifth one is a big one. It doesn’t connect with the niche. I see a lot of people. Maybe they are an anxiety coach. They help people with anxiety. Their freebie is a smoothie guide or it’s recipes. People who want smoothies don’t necessarily have anxiety. People who want recipes don’t necessarily have anxiety. It needs to be 100% connected. It needs to be incredibly aligned with your niche. There should be no disconnect. I had a student. I believe she ran. She does weight loss. I think she partnered with someone. She ran a yoga challenge. She was upset when no one wanted to hop on a call with her to learn more about her services. I had to say, “It’s not connected.”

People who sign up for a yoga challenge don’t necessarily want weight loss. Maybe they do. Some people might but a lot of people maybe want to meditate. Maybe they want to de-stress. Maybe they just want to learn yoga. Maybe they want to get more flexible, get more mobility. They don’t necessarily want weight loss. That is disconnected. It was confusing. People are like, “I came in here for yoga and she’s telling me she can help me lose weight. I don’t get it. I’m not here for weight loss.” It confuses your people. It’s important that it’s 100% connected. If we’re using anxiety as an example, a great freebie would be five steps to stop a panic attack in its tracks. If I had anxiety, that might intrigue me.

It needs to be clear that it’s for the person of whom you help. It needs to be specific. It needs to help them learn something or get some specific outcome. It just can’t be an anxiety guide. “What am I going to get from reading an anxiety guide? I don’t understand.” It needs to be more tangible. It needs to be more specific. This is a big thing. If you help women lose weight, don’t make a healthy food guide. Make something that is 100% connected to weight loss. Those are the mistakes that people are making.

3 Elements Of A High-Converting Freebie

I want to give you three elements of a high-converting lead magnet. Number one is high quality. Your lead magnet is the first time that someone is acquiring something from your business. Even though it’s free, they are getting something from your business. You’ve got to impress. It’s got to be high quality. It needs to be good. People should go through it and be like, “That was amazing. If that was free. I can’t imagine what the paid stuff is like.” People should be impressed by the level of value that they are getting from this free resource. High quality is important. Don’t hack job it. Don’t throw something out there to throw something out there. Think about what you’re making and make sure it’s good.

Number three, quick to consume. This is the reason why eBooks don’t do well anymore is because people are distracted. I used to say that people had short attention spans but that’s not true for all people because people sit down and listen to a four-hour Joe Rogan podcast. I do that. I love Joe Rogan. It’s maybe not that people’s attention spans are limited. It’s that there are a lot of distractions. When someone downloads something for free, they might have the intentions of going through it, and then they get distracted and forget about it. They don’t remember because they got it for free so it’s not top of mind.

I would say you don’t want people to take more than ten minutes to get through it. Ten minutes is a decent amount of time and hopefully they won’t get distracted. The goal is always to have them complete whatever it is, whether they’re reading something, watching something or listening to something. This is why you’ve got to throw your eBook out the window. If you don’t know how long it takes to consume your freebie, time yourself. If you have a guide, read it. How long does it take? It’s super important.

Finally is I call quick win or new info. You want the freebie to be actionable. You don’t want it to be some general thing. You want it to help them get some result, even if it is a small result. We’ll stick with anxiety. I like to use anxiety as an example. I know I use this as an example a lot. It could be journal prompts to help you squash an anxiety attack or something like that. That would be actionable. They’re like, “If I implement this freebie, something’s going to get better.” It doesn’t need to be a full resolution because it’s never going to be with a freebie but it could help them get some improvement or help them get some small quick win.

TWCK 50 | High-Converting Freebie
High-Converting Freebie: Your offer needs to be 100% aligned with your niche. There should be no disconnect.


The other thing is new info. It doesn’t always necessarily need to give them a quick win but it could give them new info. This is important. It should not be something that they could Google and find on the first page. It needs to be some new info that’s not readily available that they’re going to learn. They’re going to be like, “I never knew that. That’s so interesting.” If they have that reaction, that is a good thing. To summarize the three elements of a high-converting freebie or high-quality, make it good, quick to consume, don’t ask for too much of their time and quick win or something new. Quick results or something they couldn’t find on Google.

3 Freebies To Test Out

Next, I want to tell you, what are the three freebies to consider testing out in 2021? There are lots of different things you can offer as a free resource. These are the three that I think will serve you the best in 2021. The first one is a workbook. This is great because it’s quite easy to create. It doesn’t involve you writing lots of content. It just involves you asking questions and creating space for people to write down. You may have opted in for my niche workbook, one of my most popular freebies. It’s popular. It just asks a bunch of questions to help people get to a profitable niche. A workbook can be helpful. It should give them something tangible in the end.

Number two is a mini-course. Mini is the highlighted word here. We don’t want to take up too much of their time. Can you do a mini-course that only lasts ten minutes? It might be a little bit longer but I would say keep videos to about five minutes. A mini-course can be something that people are excited to opt-in for. For the hair tissue mineral analysis that I teach, I do have a mini-intro course. You are going to notice that my intro course is a bit longer but it is also a complex topic. I’m dealing with a different audience than you. I’m dealing with a super nerdy, super information research-obsessed type of audience. I can get away with making something a little bit longer when it comes to a mini-course. For you who are speaking to consumers, it’s going to need to be quick. You could put together a mini-course.

The third one is going to take a little bit more time to create but I find that it works well. That is a tool kit or a starter kit. It’s a collection of different types of resources that help someone get started with something. It could be a video recording, an audio recording, a checklist, a cheat sheet, a guide, a meal plan. It’s a bunch of different resources in different mediums. It’s not just all written. It’s not just all guides. It’s not just all PDFs. It’s a video, an audio recording, a template, a bunch of different things. It’s a starter kit, something that helps someone get started.

I have a client who made a Hashimoto starter kit. It was called something like that. Inside it, there was a blood chemistry interpretation guide for thyroid blood markers, a script on how to speak to their doctor to get the proper thyroid markers ordered. There was a little quick video. There was a calming meditation because people with Hashimoto’s can suffer from anxiety. There were a checklist and a basic protocol, “Take these supplements, eat these foods, do this lifestyle stuff to get success with your thyroid.” Something like that can work well.

I also did this with Christine for the 360 Health Biz Podcast. We had a new health coach starter kit. We barely put much effort into promoting it. We were able to get almost 1,000 subscribers that way in a short amount of time without promoting it much. People love to get a bunch of stuff. That is a workbook, a mini-course and a toolkit. Those would be freebies to test out in 2021. You do want to think outside the box. I find other things that can work well are different events. People get excited for events, something like a workshop or maybe a challenge. Those can also be great ways to build your list as well. They do take a little bit more effort, but I do recommend that you try and think outside the box. There are a lot of people out there trying to get your email address and people are a little bit more hesitant to give it up.

I hope this was helpful. I hope this will help you create a freebie that converts. When I say convert, bring people onto your list. If you have no idea how to set up an email list, how to grow an email list and you want more help with your freebie, your nurture sequence and all these things, Health Coach Accelerator is something you want to consider. We are open for enrollment. If you miss the enrollment, that’s cool. Get on the wait list for the next round. I will see you next episode on the show, where I help you blow up your business and become wealthy as fuck.

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