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How to Use Calendly For Your Health Business

If you are still manually booking appointments, you NEED to a scheduling software. And today, I’m going to share with you how to use Calendly.
In the video below, I give you a tutorial of Calendly – the scheduling tool that I use (and love). I’ll show you:

  • How to set up your calendar availability
  • How to create an appointment
  • How to customize your appointment
  • How to create a simple booking link for your appointment
  • How to test and make sure you set things up correctly


You are wasting an incredible amount of time and resources by not having an automatic scheduling system. And you’re likely losing clients along the way!

Personally, if I can’t book online, then I am looking for someone else to work with. Going back and forth through email to try and find a time that works, is a waste of time for both you and your client. If you are looking for an online scheduling tool that is both easy-to-use and affordable, I am here to help.

How to use Calendly

Calendly is one of  my favorite online business tool, not because it’s extremely affordable (and often even free depending on the level you go with), but it’s also super easy to use. The best way to see how Calendly works is by watching my video, where I demonstrate step by step just how easy it is to use Calendly to set up appointments automatically in your calendar.

Having automatic scheduling software is extremely important for your business so that people can book appointments online without having to contact you directly. Gone are the days of sending back and forth emails to schedule an appointment. You absolutely need an online scheduling software if you want to book clients.

With Calendly, you can integrate with your personal calendar, Zoom, and pretty much any other app or software you use to run your business!

Check out my video where I go through Calendly step-by-step to show you setting up your availability and creating an appointment. I also show you how to create a booking link so your potential clients can actually book with you! Check it out here

For more tools to use for your health coaching business, check out my post on Online Business Tools For Wellness Coaches.

- Kendra
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