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How I Made 7.5K with only $60 Ad Spend on my Last Program Launch

Get an inside look at my recent launch strategy and outcome. With minimal ad spend and a low-priced beta program, I was able to generate 7.5K in under 10 days.

If you are scared to launch a product and/or program or you recently launched a program with less than desirable success, this episode is for you!

Christine and I take you step-by-step through my exact strategy that she used to bring 55 new clients into her Group Membership Program.

We take you through:

  • What you should be doing BEFORE you create a new program/product to guarantee success
  • How to generate excitement and hype leading up to a launch
  • What types of bonuses you should be offering and when
  • What types of communication to send out via email and social media
  • How to deal with unsubscribes
  • Exactly how you should structure your refund policy

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- Kendra
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