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How to Start Your Health and Wellness Business in 2021

Health and Wellness Business

It’s 2021 and you’re ready to start your health coaching business – YAYAYAYAY! But wait – how do you actually start a health and wellness business? Is it as simple as starting a Facebook Page and saying, “Hey! Do you want to be my client?!?!”

You need JUST AS MUCH training in business as you just received in health coaching!

The truth is online business is like a chameleon – ever changing, never the same. What worked in 2019, does not work now. What worked in 2020, might not work not either!

In this episode of the Wealthy Coach Podcast, I’m discussing:

  • The first thing you need to do before you do ANYTHING else
  • How to actually make money inside your business
  • The different ways you can make money and how to choose
  • My top 5 tips to being successful on social media
  • The one task that will give your business insurance – in the face of ever changing social media algorithms

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Watch my video on how to start a health and wellness business

Confirm your client identity

This is called the niche or the ideal client. This is a real life person, not some made up person who you believe your ideal client will be. It actually has to be a real human. And when it comes to niching and marketing in general, it’s really about getting into the brain of that person. We want to really understand what makes them tick, what they love and hate, what they’re worried about, what they’re stressed about, how they are talking about the problem in which they have, how they are trying different solutions, what different solutions have they tried and really what has been their experience. 

For more on niching check out:

Choose a business model that suits your health and wellness business

A business model means how are you going to make money. Examples of business model would be one-on-one coaching a group program, an online course, a membership, an online product, some other sort of digital product, etc. There’s lots of different routes to go. But if you are a new business, I really encourage you to start with one-on-one coaching. The reason for this is this, because it’s actually the fastest way to make money and scale your business and actually get clients. I go more into this here.

Develop something that is a very enticing to your ideal client

We talked about one-on-one is the quickest way to scale in the beginning. So what I want you to do is create a one-on-one signature coaching program. This is going to be a combination of sessions, resources, support, accountability, etc. And you’re going to package it into this pretty little bow. And that is what you’re going to sell for a higher ticket price. 

Social media content and having an online presence

Obviously, if you want an online business, you have to be available to people online. And the best way to do that is through your website, on a podcast or through social media, you don’t need to do all these things. If you’re brand new and you don’t have a website, that’s cool. Let’s start with social media. So just pick one platform. I it’s best. If you just choose one platform, learn how to use it and master it before spreading your time out among other platforms. If you need help with creating content for social media, check out my post on creating irresistible content in just 5 steps.

Focus on building your email list

This was important in 2020. And I actually think it’s even more important in 2021 because of censorship. Your email list is truly your insurance plan for a business as your backup plan. If Instagram went out of business tomorrow, would you still have a business and be able to communicate with your followers? So you want to always post on social media with the goal of ultimately getting those people off social media and onto your email list. And the best way to do this is by offering something for free.

If you need more help growing your wellness business online, check out my Ultimate Health Boss Starter Kit


- Kendra
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