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Feeling Behind in Business? Let’s Talk

Are you feeling a little bit…..BEHIND?

You thought your business would grow quickly but not that you’re in it, you feel like you are falling behind!

Falling behind compared to what? Who are you falling behind? Who is making the timeline you are falling behind on?

“I’m behind” is a phrase that I hear over and over and over again from Health Coaches (3 times this week and counting).

And I get it – BUT – if you are feeling behind than I have to ask you, “Who are you comparing yourself to?”


So I have three questions for you in response to you feeling behind. 

Feeling behind – compared to what?

So when I hear someone say I’m behind, I know that they are comparing themselves to someone or something, or they have some perception of where they think they should be. 

For the most part, especially in our first couple of years in business, we are the only person on our journey. 

The entrepreneurial journey is unique and individual and personal journey. We are paving our own path. So if there’s no one else on your path with you, then there’s really no one else to compare yourself to.

We all go at our own pace. Some people move quicker than others. Some people move slower than others and it’s not good or bad. It just is. So you don’t want to be comparing your day 100 to someone’s day 1,000. That comparison game will make you feel like you’re behind.

Who determines the timeline?

Remember, you’re the one in charge of your business. So if there’s a timeline that you are consistently perceiving yourself as not meeting, then stop giving yourself unrealistic deadlines and expectations! I find our expectations can actually lead to a lot of disappointment. 

Building a business takes time. And building a business requires failing a lot, getting rejected a lot. And in the beginning, not seeing a lot of return on investment. In the beginning, you’re just building up the foundation and that can take time.

If you do have a timeline on your business, and you’re not meeting your expectations, you might want to consider hiring a mentor. A mentor, like myself & my Health Coach Accelerator Program, will help cut through the noise and tell you what’s important in building your business. 

Are you planning on growing your business for the long term?

Entrepreneurs are in it for the long haul. They don’t put one foot in the bathtub and one foot out. If you want to have a business, you have to be all-in on your business. Even if you’re only doing your business part-time while you work a part-time job, that’s fine. If you can’t be all in on your business, that’s okay but it may mean that entrepreneurship might not be for you. And again, that’s okay.

Remember, you’re just at the beginning of your journey, and you’re the only one on it – there’s no one in front or behind you. Because you are the one determining the timeline of your business.

Making your business more systematic and more automated will help you find ways to give yourself more time and focus on the things that matter like client acquisition. And a great way to figure this out is to hire a mentor or a coach.

- Kendra
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