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How to Sell on Black Friday

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The biggest selling season is coming up (yes, we’re talking about Black Friday) and we want you to be prepared for it.

In this episode, we are sharing tips for your online business that include easy Black Friday marketing strategies that won’t take days to create. In fact, your Black Friday marketing ideas probably already exist you just have to put the finishing touches on it.

But wait, are you saying you don’t have anything to sell besides your one-on-one services?

We thought you might say that – which is why we put this episode together for you!

In today’s episode we are going to discuss all the great ways you can sell on Black Friday without having to discount your one-on-one services.

Black Friday is insanely overpopulated with marketing, emails, Google ads, etc. So it can be hard to stand out on the actual sale weekend. When it comes to promoting what you’re going to sell, want to make sure to tell your people in advance that you’re going to be having a sale. We suggest letting people know a few weeks before with a few reminders the week of Black Friday. And you want to be doing this through your email list. Obviously share it on social as well, but when you get overly promotional on social media, you will notice you don’t get as much traction.

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- Kendra
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