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What Coronavirus Means for your Business


Unless you’re living under a rock, you are filled with all kinds of emotions and uncertainty. That is to be expected. These are uncertain times and we have no idea how this pandemic is going to affect our world.

I have seen the panic among you. You’re wondering, “What does this mean for my business? Am I going to lose my business? Will I be able to pay my bills?”

So let’s talk about it. In this episode, I will share exactly what this could mean for your business growth and how to navigate these fearful times. Plus, I will discuss the opportunities for health coaches and how to serve your clients who are being affected. 

I’ve seen a lot of posts where people are saying it’s all a hype and not to be scared. I don’t actually think this is the best way to go because I think people’s fears are legitimate. Yes, the chances of actually dying from something like coronavirus are quite slim when you do the math, but I think the important thing to keep in mind is that people have been affected by this.

I think we need to empathize and acknowledge anyone’s fears with this. So if your client is upset about this or wants to talk to you, then talk about it. Speak to them with facts and use statistics. And I think what we can provide them with strategies to keep their immune system strong. This may event include an immune boosting protocol where they can access your suggested supplements through Fullscript and other helpful tips to boost the immune system. This might just help them feel like they are doing something to help themselves and their family. An important thing to remember in this chaotic time, is that fear fuels the fire. So you may want to give them some meditations and breathing techniques to help them calm their nervous system.

Now the other thing I encourage you to do is make some accommodations for people who might potentially have to pause their packages because they are in quarantine or because they’re too stressed out. If you have a policy about cancellations or pausing programs, keep in mind that a lot of airlines right now are allowing people to change their flights without the normal change fees. So I encourage you to also make accommodations for your effective clients by potentially allowing them to pause their package until you know they’re able to come back to it or maybe even allowing them to cancel it if you know they’ve been highly affected by it.

Coronavirus will probably affect your business in some way or another, if it hasn’t affected you on a personal level yet. With the markets crashing and social distancing (resulting in many events postponed and cancelled), a lot of people have gotten laid off or they’re stuck in quarantine and can’t work. So this is affecting incomes, therefore it will affect people’s purchasing. But keep in mind it’s not going to last forever. And at some point the market is going to rebound and everything is going to be back to normal.

So in the meantime, I encourage you to become empathetic towards the people in your audience who might be affected by this or worried about it and just know that it will pass. Do what you can to reduce your risk by possibly avoiding travel, boost your immune system and be a leader for your clients by showing them how to deal and manage the situation.

- Kendra
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