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Navigating Censorship in Health & Wellness

Let’s talk about CENSORSHIP in health & wellness right now.
I haven’t spoken much on this topic yet but I have been very aware of the disturbing censorship on social media that has been happening over the past couple of months.. I have A LOT to say about censorship and I’m not holding back.
In today’s episode of the HIGH on Business Podcast, I discuss:

  • the censorship of health & wellness
  • how you, the coach, can navigate it
  • The 3 words the bots love to censor
  • Which platforms are censoring & not censoring


Censorship of Health & Wellness

I really started to notice censorship happening in health and wellness about a year ago when I would Google something related to integrative health, functional health or alternative wellness. Prior to this, it would be one of the top results but then I started to notice that the same results would pop up everytime I searched something (webMD, healthline specifically). So Google started reducing the searchability and findability of certain health and wellness sites and some of these practitioners noticed a very sharp and very steep decline in their traffic literally overnight because suddenly no one could find them in the search anymore.

Unfortunately this censorship is also being seen on social media – large, creditable health-focused Facebook groups are being deleted, posts are disappearing and accounts are being de-platformed. Simply due to their focus being alternative medicine. This isn’t just Facebook. Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube are all censoring their user content.

In fact, YouTube has stated in it’s terms of conditions that no one is allowed to discuss anything that goes against the COIVD-19 narrative put out by the WHO (World Health Organization).

Navigating Censorship

There are specific things that are being censored and there are certain words that will definitely tip off the robo sensor bot. And what I’ve noticed is these specific things fall into 3 categories, and a tip on how to talk about them without getting censored would be to spell them differently.

When it comes to speaking your mind, I am a full believer in being polarizing and saying what you believe in and taking a stand for what you believe in. I don’t think you should hold back. I think you should talk about whatever the fuck you want to talk about. But if you are concerned about censorship, there are some platforms that aren’t censoring (yet) and I talk about those in today’s episode.

I truly believe that now is the time for health coaches, wellness coaches, anyone coaching in the health and wellness and lifestyle space to stand up and be a leader, to stand up and take a stand to fight for what we believe in, which is natural health and wellness, which is the ability to make our own choices for our health and pursue non-drug non-pharmaceutical interventions that keep us healthy and prevent us getting from getting future disease.

Now is the time, so if you have questions about this episode or if you want to chat with me about censorship or any other topic that we discuss on this podcast, you can DM me on Instagram.

Tools discussed:
The Truth About Vaccines
Mighty Networks

- Kendra
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