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Why Your Discovery Calls Aren’t Closing New Clients


Selling is a learned skill, and it’s absolutely imperative to master as a health coach or any other type of online coach. And it all starts with having the right script….lucky for you, I’m breaking that down for you in my video.

When it comes to having a successful sales call, we need to start at the beginning and it really all starts with how you actually position your call. Because if you don’t attract the right people onto the call, then there is a very low chance that you’re actually going to close that client.

There are 3 things you need to ensure happen during your calls:

  • make it clear that this is not a call for free information
  • connection & intention
  • listen & learn

Make it Clear

The problem starts when you market your discovery call or your sales call as a free consult. The problem with this is it gives your prospective client the impression that they’re going to get something for free from this call. They think they’re getting free information which isn’t (or shouldn’t be) the case.

You need to make it incredibly clear that they’re not getting free coaching, a free health history. The client needs to understand that the whole purpose of the call is to actually qualify them and to determine are they a good fit for your program. And if they feel like you’re a good fit to help them.

So you can start by calling your calls qualifying calls or enrollment calls. This will eliminate the idea that a potential client is getting free information and makes it clear that they’re interviewing you as much as you’re interviewing them.

Connection & Intention

People are human beings and they want to connect. If they’re ever going to invest in you and buy from you, they need to actually feel like they have a connection with you. So, first off in the call – try to connect with this person.

It’s really easy to creep people these days, so check out their Instagram or Facebook ahead of the call and see if you have something in common. If they aren’t on social media or you simply can’t find anything in common, bring up the weather – people can always relate to weather.

Once you’ve connected, you want to make it really clear on the intention of the call is. Tell them right off the bat how the call is going to go. Remember that this may be the first call they’ve ever had about seeking help, so they might feel a little bit nervous. That connection piece will helps ease them and informing them on the intention of the call will help ease them further. This intention piece should also inform them that they’re going to offer them something so it’s not a surprise at the end of the call.

Listen & Learn

A bad sales call is one where you talk too much. You want the person on the other end to do most of the talking. What you’re looking for is how they describe their problem and you really want to take note of the words that they use. You want to do this so you can reflect back to them and get on the same page with them.

The other thing you’re looking for when you’re listening and learning is potential objections and what they actually want. If what they actually want, isn’t something you can offer then you need to let them know.

You also want to listen to hear for the responsibility they’re willing to take and whether they’re planning to put in the work. The client needs to take personal responsibility for their health and the outcome that they want to achieve. As a coach, you’re just the guide and you can’t help them if they can’t (or won’t) do the work.

If they aren’t a good fix, end the call immediately but with grace. You can refer them to another coach if you have someone else that would work for them or simply let them know you aren’t a good fit for what they’re looking for.

Rock Your Sales Calls

So those are pieces of my super high converting sales script. If you want my entire script, valued over $10,000, and if you want training that walks you through the entire sales call process, join my Rock Your Sales Calls Workshop on June 30! If you’re ready to start feeling super confident with sales and start signing clients, join this 2-hour workshop. Learn more about it here.

- Kendra
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