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Bro Marketing – It Hurts Your Biz & Crushes Your Soul


There is a style of marketing out there that completely disregards the people who you desperately want to help and unfortunately, it’s a lot of what is being taught out there on the internet.

I’m talking about bro marketing, which is a masculine style of marketing that prioritizes the sale over the customer. It’s very much about the bottom line and is more of what our traditional online marketing has been set up on (until recently).

What does bro marketing look like? If someone is telling you to run Facebook ads to cold traffic to a webinar that you run pre-recorded, but you tell them it’s live even though it’s not with the whole point of getting them to buy. That is Bro Marketing. Unfortunately, I fell victim to this exact situation when I was first starting out my coaching business. I spent six months making a course and followed the direction of a so-called marketing expert and what happened? I got two sales from it. I didn’t even make back what I spent on ads. And I did this three more times and got the same results – every time.

When it comes to bro marketing, it totally disregards the fact that humans want to connect with humans. All people want is human connection. They want to know that they trust you. They want to know that you provide good value.

As a health coach, you want to make an impact, you want to inspire, you want to drive major change. And bro marketing doesn’t do that. So if you want to truly leave your mark in your industry with your ideal client, you need to say no to bro marketing and you need to start embracing feminine energy in marketing.

In this episode, I discuss:

– feminine energy vs masculine energy- why content is everything- why random ads don’t do anything but clear your bank account- it’s NOT just a numbers game- the importance of human connection (even virtually)

At the end of the day, bro marketing is going to make you feel empty and you really need to ask yourself why did I get into health coaching in the first place? For me personally, I love making money but my business is about driving change and making an impact on my audience.  That’s why if you reach out to me on Instagram – send me a DM or comment on my post and I will ALWAYS reply.Are you ready to get clear on your niche so you can start growing your business and reach more of your dream clients? On April 3rd, I am hosting a 2-hour live interactive workshop on finding your niche. I PROMISE, this will be the last niche training you ever need. You can get 70% off from now until April 2nd:

- Kendra
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