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Authenticity Marketing (How to Attract Clients by Being Yourself)

Authenticity Marketing


Authenticity is a big word in the online marketing world right now, but what does it actually mean and how do you actually leverage it in your business marketing strategy? I used to show up online as the person I thought I should be rather than the person who I actually was. And truthfully, my business didn’t started to take off until I started to be myself. And this is exactly what I want to teach you.

First off, you may be wondering what authenticity marketing is. It’s marketing your business or your brand by showing up as yourself and as who you truly are. Authenticity marketing would be telling someone that your program or service actually isn’t a good fit for them and that there might be someone else who would be a better fit for them instead. Inauthentic marketing would be pretending that the webinar is live even though it’s a replay. Inauthentic marketing is only showing the highlight reel on your social media and not talking about any of the real stuff. Inauthentic marketing would be pretending that your health condition is fully healed when in fact you are still in the thick of it. Inauthentic marketing is marketing your business or your brand in any other way that doesn’t represent you and who you are.

So let’s jump into 5 tips on how to utilize authenticity marketing in your business.

1) Identify your core values. If you’re going to show up as who you are online, you have to learn about who you actually are. And this starts with defining what your core values are. You should sit down and come up with 5 to 10 values that really define who you are as a human. Your values are the things that define who you are and the things that you are unwilling to sacrifice.

Need some inspiration? My core values include fun, laughter, integrity, adventure and connection to nature. Once you know what your core values are, you’ll get a better idea of who you are and what you stand for. This is going to help guide your business decisions. And ultimately what you end up saying yes to.

2) Speak with your own voice. When you show up on social media, like Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, you want to make sure that you are speaking with your own voice and using the words that you actually use. So this means that you should talk the way that you talk in real life. If you have a sarcastic sense of humor, crack some sarcastic jokes. If you like to laugh, don’t be afraid to laugh. You just want to make sure that you talk the talk – your talk.

3) Serve first, sell second. When you are focused on serving your clients and finding the best outcome for them, regardless of what that is, you actually treat your audience like humans. People really like it when they feel that you actually care about them. And remember, when you have a serve first, sell second mentality, that means you’re always going to find the best outcome for your audience member, for your potential client, even if it’s not ultimately working with you.

A key thing to remember with this mentality: it doesn’t mean that you’re just giving free information and breaking your boundaries. What it means is that you’re being generous with your content, giving as much value as possible and really caring about the people who are following you and always trying to help them as much as you possibly can.

4) Embrace the haters. When you really embrace those interesting or unique or polarizing sides of your personality, ultimately some people just aren’t going to like you. And guess what? That is okay. We cannot make everyone happy and like us. This can be tough to swallow because a lot of us have been conditioned to be people pleasers and we secretly want everyone to like us. But when you are authentic and you’re showing up as yourself, some people they just aren’t going to resonate with you. Ultimately the people who don’t connect with us, they just weren’t meant for us anyways. So embrace the haters, give them some love, and let them go.

5) Share your story. Be honest about exactly where you are right now. A big fear I see in a lot of health coaches is that they’re afraid to share what they know about something because personally maybe they are still going through it. They don’t think they have any right or they don’t feel like an expert. But people want the truth. And the fact that you still struggle with whatever you’re talking about, doesn’t mean you can’t speak on that topic. And it doesn’t mean you are an impostor. What it does is it makes you real.

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- Kendra
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