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Overcoming Perfectionism & Procrastination in Your Business

Are you f*cking terrified to post something online that is *gasp* NOT PERFECT?!

Are you spending hours/weeks/months crafting the perfect instagram post? The perfect blog post? Or the perfect script for your Facebook Live?

Perfectionism is keeping you from sharing your gifts with the world and helping the clients who desperately need your help. Perfection is a myth and ultimately leads to massive procrastination in your business. It prevents you from taking action. It prevents you from building relationships with your audience. It causes you an immense amount of pain and suffering. It’s actually the first pillar we tackle in my Health Coach Accelerator program. The reason why we start with mindset in this program is because if your mindset isn’t right, then you’re going to struggle to build your business. And everything is going to feel hard and overwhelming. Watch my new video to learn more or continuing reading below.

Perfectionism is actually a very toxic mindset to have when you are an online business and where perfectionism comes from is kind of this all or nothing mindset The need to be perfect may be deeply entrenched in your psyche from decades of societal conditioning. And I’ll be 100% honest – if you can’t break the perfectionism cycle, you will not move forward in your business.

You may be a perfectionist without actually knowing it because there’s a lot of social conditioning around perfectionism in our society. The perfect body, the perfect hair, whatever. Your brain might unconsciously believe that things can’t be accomplished until it’s perfect. This mentality really messes us up as online business owners, because we can’t build a perfect business. If you’re going to be successful in business, you have to be willing to try a lot of things that don’t work.

I’m going to give you my best tips for overcoming perfectionism in your business.

Done is better than perfect

It’s so much better to just put something out there, then try to perfect it. If you don’t think it’s a hundred percent perfect, you’re good. Just get it out there.

Use your problems to your advantage

Problems in business are not a bad thing. Really what you are becoming as an entrepreneur is a professional problem solver. Nobody’s business is perfect. So look at those imperfections as opportunities to learn and opportunities, and get more information so that you can better your business over time.


Sometimes when you’re a perfectionist, we believe that only we can do it and no one else will do as good of a job as ourselves. And that results in us doing everything and really resisting, delegating, or hiring a virtual assistant or hiring someone to do it for themselves.

Take breaks

Please take breaks because as perfectionist, we will not let ourselves take a break until it’s perfect. And that leads to burnout. We have to be very intentional and we have to guard our energy. So don’t give yourself the reward of taking a break in order to get it perfect. That’s going to leave you working hours and hours without taking a break. So allow yourself to take breaks.

Focus on what you want vs what you don’t want

A lot of perfectionists are hyper focused on what they don’t want and never think about what they do want. So try to think of what you truly want in your business and why you want it. Stop focusing on all the negative things.

If you’re a health coach who isn’t making a consistent 5k per month, and think that your mindset and perfectionism is playing a role on your business, I will be launching my Health Coach Accelerator program soon. If you want to hop on the VIP list, you will be the first to know when registration is open.


- Kendra
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