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How to Narrow Down Your Niche || Hot Seat with Tara Udinski

If you’re struggling to get your business running, you may have a lot of questions..

How can I attract my ideal clients? How to prevent clients from ghosting me? When is it okay to pursue a group program? How to get more leads? How to get more clarity on my messaging?

Have these questions been spinning around in your head? You aren’t alone. That’s why I brought on a health coach, just like you, to coach them on these issues (and more) that you’re likely struggling with too.

In today’s episode of the Wealthy Coach Podcast, I’m putting @taramichellehealth in the hot seat for a real-time coaching call. We discuss

  • Getting a niche whittled down
  • How to set up a group program
  • The key to creating a sold business foundation
  • The moves that need to happen to reach the goal of $5k a month

This episode has great energy and we made a TON of progress on  Tara’s business.


Narrowing Down Your Niche

Tara’s focus is gut health but what we realized during the hot seat call is, are clients lying awake at night concerned about gut health? Probably not. They’re wondering if they will poop tomorrow, or having diarrhea in a meeting. If they’ll be able to fit into their pants because of bloating. “Gut health” isn’t want they’re worried about.

Similar to many coaches, it’s scary to niche down. Many feel a resistance or fear that by being too specific, that it will limit who they can coach and what they can talk about. But as long as whatever you’re talking about relates back to your niche, you can talk about everything. So if gut health is your jam but you want to talk about hormones, as long as it relates back to that core gut health issue, then that shouldn’t stop you from talking about hormones! You just have to bring it back around and make it relevant. 

When it comes to niching, there’s three points that are important: 

  • the client
  • the problem
  • the solution

This means narrowing down the exact person you want to work with (the client), what problem you want to solve, and how you will solve it.

- Kendra
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