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How to Make Money as a Health Coach

make money as a health coach


Do you want to learn how to market your health coaching business? In this episode I will provide you with the top 3 ways on how to make money as a health coach. If you want to make money as a health we are talking six figure health coaching here, then you’ve come to the right place. These health coaching career tips will teach you how to grow your health business and help your health coaching online business. I love watching health coach videos, I love making them and nowI want to help you answer the question “how do I grow my health coaching business?”

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You have your health coaching certificate, and you're pretty excited, but now that you have it, you're kind of wondering, "Well, how do I actually make money as a health coach?" For functional health training and online business strategies for health coaches, make sure to subscribe to my channel, and hit the bell to get notified every time I post a video on Thursdays.
There are a lot of good health coaching schools out there. There's ITN, FDN, IIN. There's lots of good ones, and I think a lot of them do a really good job at teaching you about health and nutrition, but a lot of them are actually lacking in the business department. The ones that actually do teach business like the one that I went to are actually teaching a very outdated business model that leads to basically you going broke and burning out.

By the end of this video, you will know the top three things that you need to focus on as a health coach to make money in your business. Just so you know, guys, this is totally possible. I hit six figures in my business in less than three years, and I didn't get any business training in my health coaching school. I'm totally self-taught. I did this all on my own. Honestly, if I can do it so can you.

Before you go out and do anything for your business, the first thing you need to do is you need to sit down with a piece of paper or some sort of text app and you need to really think about who you want to help. You need to niche down as much as possible. As much as you got into this because you want to help as many people as possible, it's actually not possible to help everyone.

If you try to help everyone, you will help no one. It's really important to get incredibly clear on who you actually help. Who is that person? What gender are they? What age range are they in, how much money do they make? What keeps them up at night? What is the problem that you actually solve for them? Maybe, you help women who are struggling with fatigue, get more energy so they can create better lives for themselves and have more energy to play with their kids.

When you think of it this way, you probably have a woman, maybe she's in her 30s to 40s. She has one kid, maybe two kids, maybe three, and she really wants to be a good mother but she's not feeling like she's hitting that mark because she just doesn't have the energy. She goes to bed tired. She wakes up tired. Then, she just doesn't have enough energy to actually give her kids the attention that she wants.

See how specific that is. That will make your marketing more easy. When you post content on social media, you'll know exactly who you're talking to. If I am a mother with fatigue and kids who I don't feel like I'm giving enough attention to because I'm so tired, if I stumble on your social media panel or social media channel or your website, that is going to speak to me. That is going to be something that I need and I'm going to be pretty up for following you and listening to pretty much everything you have to say.

The next thing you want to focus on is to get out on social media and give value and share a little bit of your personality. But the biggest mistake that I see new health coaches make is they try to be everywhere at once. Because of that, they get very overwhelmed or they just do kind of a crappy quality job on each individual platform.

My advice is to try not to be everywhere at once. You can't be everywhere at once, but to choose one social media platform, one that resonates with you, one that maybe you actually like to be on or one where maybe your ideal client might be hanging out. Then, focus all your attention, all your resources and provide specific high-value content specifically for that platform.

Maybe, you love being on Instagram. Maybe, Instagram is your thing. That's where you spend most of your time, and you think maybe your ideal client, your mom with fatigue and a family, maybe she's going to be out there hanging out on Instagram. Focus on Instagram and learn about Instagram. Figure out what types of content does best on Instagram or maybe you like being on Facebook. Maybe, that's your place and you feel like your ideal client is hanging out on Facebook.

Educate yourself on Facebook, and figure out what types of content does Facebook actually like and what types of content should you be creating for that specific platform. Don't be overwhelmed by other health coaches out there who are on multiple social platforms that 100% is not how they started, and there's a good chance that they have a team of people behind them that are making this content for them.
It's not actually possible to do all of this yourself. In the beginning, it's better to focus on quality over quantity. Choose one social media platform and figure out how to optimize it. Guys, and I would love to know how do you feel about social media. Does it make you feel overwhelmed? Let me know in the comments below if it makes you feel kind of overwhelmed.

The third thing to know as a new health coach is do not try to sell one-off sessions. This is kind of the business model that you were taught in a lot of the nutrition training that you did. Let me tell you, it's incredibly outdated. You will never succeed doing this model. You will probably go broke. You won't make enough money and you are sure to burn yourself out because if you think about it, if you're selling like a session for $100 and you're just doing these one-off sessions and maybe you're following up every couple months, you're literally going to have to sell like 80 to 100 of these sessions a month, which means you need to find 80 to 100 clients each month which is frigging impossible. It doesn't work.

As a health coach, you are not working like a doctor or a naturopathic doctor. You are a health coach. You are selling transformation. This means that it's very important to sell packages. You want people that are actually ready to commit and are ready to not only invest financially but invest their time in getting to a solution.

If you just sell one-off sessions, there's a good chance that those people are not going to get results, that they're not committed and you may never see them again. But if you can sell a package and get people to pay for some type of program upfront, they are not only going to be invested, but they are going to be committed, and you're going to be working with them over maybe two, three months, maybe six months, maybe even a year. Those people are way more likely to get results because they are committing to that bigger package and because you're guaranteed to get that time with them.

Do not try to sell one-off sessions. Do not do it. Don't do it. I'll say that again. Don't do it. Sell packages. You want to sit down and come up with your package for your ideal client. If it's your mom who's dealing with fatigue, you're going to come up with maybe three-month get more energy type of package. It's going to include this amount of sessions maybe some resources, some level of support.
Maybe, you offer Voxer support. Maybe, you offer email support or Facebook messenger support, whatever it is. It's going to be this all-inclusive package that people are going to pay you up front for. Let me tell you, guys, that financial investment in a person's health is very much a part of that transformation.

What you're going to notice is the people that you give something to for very cheaper, even free, they're probably not going to take advantage of that free thing, and they're probably not going to stick with it. In the beginning, I offered a bunch of free packages to people because I wanted to get experience, but none of those people actually stuck with it because they weren't actually invested because they didn't have to give something away of value to get that thing that they actually wanted.

That financial commitment to paying for that package upfront, very, very important, and it is going to contribute to the results in the transformation that they get in the end of your program. Now that you know where to start as a new health coach and where to focus your time, make sure to grab my free insider's secret guide, the 10 things I wish I knew as a new health coach. You can get that by clicking the link below.

Guys, and if you like this video, please let me know by liking it below. Make sure to share it with your fellow health nerds and definitely leave me a comment and let me know what your biggest takeaway was and how this video helped you.

- Kendra
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