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How to handle the “I have to ask my husband” objection

I have to ask my husband Objection Handling

If you’ve had a call with a prospective client you’ve likely heard this before..

“I have to ask my husband”. Or wife, spouse, get the idea.

This is a tricky objection to deal with on a sales call because we don’t really know what it means. Do they need to ask permission? Do they need to have a discussion about it? Or is it an excuse? 

In this episode of the Wealthy Coach Podcast, I’m going to teach you how to determine if it’s actually an objection or an excuse – and how to deal with it either way.

In this episode:

  • the question that’s going to help you uncover if “I have to ask my husband” is truth or an excuse
  • if price is the problem, what you can do to change their mind
  • 2 options if someone’s spouse is what is actually holding them back


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Sometimes people do have to ask permission from their spouse – that’s a legit thing people have to do. But a lot of the time, it’s actually just an excuse to avoid perceived conflict. Many people want to avoid conflict and confrontation at all costs,  and they don’t always feel comfortable telling you that you’re not the right fit or they can’t afford your program. 

But let’s look at what is really going on. People who sign up for sales calls have access to money and are interested in what you’re offering. Because if they weren’t interested or didn’t have money, they wouldn’t be jumping on a call with you. People can make it work if they see value in what you’re offering. So usually when people have a price objection, it’s because they don’t understand how the value of your program is greater or equal to the price that you’re asking. It doesn’t mean you need to drop your price. It just means you got to work on your sales skills. 

You really need to drive home why your program is valuable. Because the truth is this problem that they’re having is probably a big problem because they’re booking the call. And if they solve their big problem, it’s going to change their lives. This is really important to remember because you’re not selling a vacuum. You’re selling transformation

If their spouse is actually what is holding them back, then you have two options as far as I can see. 

  • Book another call and have the spouse join the call
  • Provide a script for your client so they can talk to their spouse on their own

I give an example of a script to use inside Health Coach Accelerator where I actually give examples of every single objection and how you can work through it with your clients.

Whether “I need to ask my husband” is an excuse or a real problem, you should always view objections as information. They’re an opportunity for you to improve your sales skills and there’s always an opportunity to learn and improve. 

- Kendra
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