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Write Better Email Subject Lines

Write Better Email Subject Lines

Do you want to connect with more people via your email marketing? This all starts with epic email subject lines. Unfortunately, many health coaches are sending emails with “OPEN RIGHT NOW” in the subject line and thus, struggling to get more than 5% of their list to open what they’re sending. 

In this episode of the Wealthy Coach Podcast, I am sharing my email subject line techniques that got my open rates go from 8% to over 25%.

In this episode, I share with you:

  • 5 of the worst subject lines mistakes you may be making
  • 4 of the best subject lines to rotate through
  • Why bad subject lines can ruin your email marketing
  • Best ways to format your subject line

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Listen to the episode:

There are a few common mistakes I see with email subject lines and I’ll be real with you – I was making a few of these when I started my business! But when I fixed these mistakes and started implementing the types of subject lines that I teach you in this episode, my email open rates went from 10% to an average of 20-25% (nearly double what I was originally getting!)

So want to know my email subject line secrets? Let’s do this.

Create curiosity and intrigue

These email subject lines peaked the interest of the subscriber enough to make them want to open the email to read more.

Examples could be:

  • “What does as unicorn have to do with your sex drive?”
  • “The one thing that is destroying your thyroid health”
  • “If you go here, you might see a reduction in your IBS symptoms”


People love when things feel personalized or like they are specifically made for them. This can include using their name in the subject line, but also segmenting your list based on the subscribers activity – don’t send them your essential oils offer if tehy signed up for weight loss tips.

Examples of personalized email subject lines:

  • “Hey Jane, I can’t wait to tell you this.”
  • “I made this with you in mind, Jane”

Tease a story

The story tease creates something we have already talked about, in that it generates curiosity and drives personal connection.


  • How a podcast and a saliva tube saved my life
  • When I did this, everything changed
  • I hit rock bottom and I was blown away by what happened next

Authority email subject lines

If you have accomplished something in your business, don’t be afraid to share it with your subscribers. Authority email subject lines help establish your expertise and knowledge in the niche in which you are known for.

For example:

  • How I helped Chloe rid herself of eczema without drugs
  • My 5 years working as a weight loss coach has taught me this
  • How you can be a success story like 100 other of my clients

To discover 5 of the most common mistakes, be sure to listen to the episode! And if you want to see my email subject lines in action, be sure to get my weekly tips where I drop an email into your inbox every Tuesday with awesome biz tips!

- Kendra
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