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SEO Tips for More Organic Leads with Cinthia Pacheco

SEO Tips for More Organic Leads with Cinthia Pacheco

Have you been seeing things like SEO and search engine optimization but not really sure what it means or what it can do for your business? I brought SEO expert, Cinthia Pacheco onto today’s Wealthy Coach Podcast episode to share SEO tips, and get down to basics on what SEO is and how you can use it to generate new leads.

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In this episode we discuss SEO tips like:

  • why you should care about SEO (search engine optimization)
  • how to leverage blogging to grow your business
  • the realistic truth of when your SEO will start working
  • how to come up with blog topics when you have no idea what to write about

Cinthia is owner and founder of Digital Bloom IQ and is passionate about helping Health and Wellness businesses heal more of the world through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). After four years of corporate experience working with companies like Avon, Sears, and Hyundai, she transitioned into the small business world, focusing on her SEO and Google Analytics services. She is on a mission to inspire Health and Wellness businesses to be more intentional about their SEO marketing and share more of the healing talents.

What is SEO?

What SEO really means is that your website shows up on Google, preferably on the first or the second page. How it gets here is not only a content component (blogging) but a technical component (website speed, if it’s mobile compatible, etc).

Does blogging get you better SEO?

Forcing yourself to blog is probably not going to get you results. Your content needs to be aligned with what you’re doing and what your ideal client wants. 

When coming up with what to blog, think strategically about what you want to produce and what you’re audience will want to see from you. Is there a guide that you could create that becomes more like evergreen content? Or is there something you could write about that you could reference time and time again? Instead of having to pull out a new topic out every week or so, visualize different topics that are really important to talk about in your specialty.

And an important SEO tip is that not all your blog posts need to be based on keywords, but it is helpful to target keywords where people are searching. For example, if you type in a keyword into Google, and you notice that there’s lots of content with the same keyword, that means that it’s probably getting some traffic, so you may want to consider a more long tailed keyword phrase.


If you’re a brand spanking new website and you’re blogging once a week, you’re keyword researching, and doing your backlinking, you could potentially see results in three to six months. But that can be a lot of time and energy (which is why if you’re really serious about SEO, you can hire someone like Cinthia to help you out!). In general, if you’re being consistent, you will start to see results in a year. Sound familiar (it’s like social media as well!)

- Kendra
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