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#39 – Attracting Clients Online: Hot Seat Coaching Call with Lori

I can’t wait for you to hear this valuable info today, my friend!

On today’s episode of the Wealthy Coach Podcast, I am doing a 1-on-1 coaching call recording – raw, real and completely unedited.

The person I’m coaching today is Lori Balue Raquipiso. She’s an Adapt Functional Health Coach & FDN who helps women with weight loss and is wanting to quit her full-time retail job.

Lori has had one client in 2020 who ghosted her after just a few sessions.

She is writing regular blogs on various topics but isn’t sure if these are really improving her visibility.

Her primary platform is Facebook and isn’t sure if she will be able to reach people that way.

This where I swoop in. *WOOSH*


In this episode, I’ll help Lori…

  • Optimize her niche statement
  • Improve her social media strategy
  • Simplify her blog writing progress
  • Learn how to attract new clients
  • Get ready to outsource her social media content


Listen as magic unfolds!

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Attracting Clients Online: Hot Seat Coaching Call with Lori

Have you been working so damn hard in your business? You are taking consistent action, you’re doing all the things, you’re showing up on a regular basis, yet you are still not getting the results that you want. Your schedule is pretty empty. You’re fully ready to take clients but they’re not on your schedule and they’re not on your roster. You will benefit from reading this blog where I do Hot Seat Coaching with one of my audience members, Lori.

Lori was having a lot of this experience and struggles, probably the exact same struggles as you. I love these Hot Seat Coaching Sessions because it helps me help people in real time. It helps you relate and understand where you are going wrong as well. I’m super excited to hang out with Lori on this episode. I hope you will find it incredibly valuable. Hopefully, you’ll relate and uncover some of the mistakes that you also might be making. I hope you enjoy this episode.

I am hanging out here with Lori. How’s it going, Lori?

It’s going great. How are you, Kendra? Thank you so much for inviting me to come in and be with you.

No problem. Thank you so much for being here. I’m excited to have you in the hot seat and go through your business and the things you’ve been struggling with. Hopefully, by the end of this session, you’ll feel a little bit clearer and more on track. Why don’t you tell everyone a little bit more about your business? Feel free to give us lots of details and then we’ll dive into some of the things you’ve been struggling.

I finished the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition course. I graduated September 23rd, 2020 and I’m excited to get started. It’s a little overwhelming at the same time because there are a lot of business aspects that I’m trying to build together. I’m in Kendra’s University and I’m trying to figure it out podcast-by-podcast. I did do one health coach program prior to this. I did the Adapt Functional Health Coach Program as well. I felt like it was getting momentum and I finished that up back in June 2019. I put my website together. I’ve been writing blogs. In January 2020, I felt like I had a good jumpstart. I started doing lectures to where I work. I work at a natural food store and they allowed me to do some lectures.

I started doing that and I started writing more podcasts to coincide with what we were doing at the store when we were doing a chocolate tea. I kept getting into that, doing the lectures, and then COVID hit. I had one lecture, one client, she paid me, she wanted to do six months, and I haven’t heard from her since. I’ve sent her a couple of emails and I left it at that. I found that the other health coaching program seems to be too limiting for me because I was more focused and passionate in the nutritional side.

I felt that the functional diagnostic would give me more momentum to help people solve solutions rather than sitting down and supporting them from a health coach’s point of view. They wanted more solutions from me. Since I work at a natural food store, I’m big on supplements and a nutritional diet. That’s what I was looking to help people with. The functional diagnostic nutrition is the outlet that helped me with that. Now, I’ve got to put it all together, get out there, find my clients and start working.

It looks like you were doing some workshops and not so much anymore. Why don’t you tell me a little bit about what you’re doing online to try to attract clients?

As I said, I have the website. I’ve been doing blogs. Ever since I started listening to you, I did download that niche workbook, and I’ve been doing that. I think I dialed my niche. I’m hoping I dialed it in and I’m still trying to fine-tune my message. I am tailoring it more towards women in weight loss because that was my niche plan. I’ve been adjusting my message to people. I think you might’ve said, “You can’t post something on a website unless it’s about your message and offering something.” Somewhere along the line, I’m trying to make sure everything I post or say has a message towards my niche statement and then also leads into more of an offering. I went back into Facebook and changed my message to address my niche.

Let’s talk about your niche because you said you’ve got to dial in so I’d love to go through that and we can make sure that it’s clear. Why don’t you tell me what that is?

What I came up with is I help women lose weight so they can be confident, fit and beautiful. They can stop stressing and start living.

This is a good start. I want us to get a little bit clearer because when it comes to messaging, you want to have a clear message that speaks to specific people. I’m sure you’ve heard me say over and over a million times. I love that you work with women but obviously, women can be anywhere from 18 to 100 and whatever, and the way you would talk to an 18-year-old versus a 90-year-old, they have different languages and phases. You don’t need to get crazy specific right now. You can whittle it down over time after you see who you ultimately attract but it’s good to start somewhere with a certain type of woman whether it’s an age group or some other life stage. Where do you foresee that being?

I threw the word, professional, around. I’ve thought about the word, active. You mentioned you worked with active women. I don’t know what type of women I’m going to attract for weight loss. I’m menopausal. I don’t know if that should be my focus or if younger girls are going to be attracted to me. I don’t know yet how to get that dialed in. One of the things I’m trying to work on now is putting my questions together for that marketing research as you suggested so that I can go and speak to some girls. I’ve got a couple of nieces. I could talk to a couple of women at work I want to talk to then posting something on Facebook to see if there are more people I can find to speak to. I don’t know what age bracket I would mark it to.

That’s totally fine. Usually, I am fine if people are confused, so it’s always good to make it yourself. We tend to attract people who are like us because people like to hang out with people who they connect with and see themselves in. That being said, there are people who work with people in different age groups but when it comes to something like weight loss, post-menopausal is going to be different. That is something to consider because you’re going to have different challenges. People gain weight at 30 versus 50 for typically a bit of a different reason. Women in their 50s are going to have a bit of a harder time.

Working more towards the word professional with that active, busy moms per se. Professional women who are working, they’re working hard and stressed out, they want to lose weight and find that balance but they’re too stressed out to get to the point where they know exactly what to do perhaps.

I like this because when we think of busy professional women, that’s great because they’re juggling family and job. They’re possibly professionally driven. That might play into why they’re gaining weight or why they don’t necessarily feel like they have time.

That’s where I’m at too because I’m still working. I’ve got that stress issue going on and pre-menopausal. Doing the school for a while put 5 pounds on around me because I’m sitting around eating snacks. I’m definitely not as active as I should have been. I could tag into the busy professional women.

That could be multiple ages but it’s a similar life phase.

That’s many more women but it gives it a little bit more.

Within what you teach them, you’re going to be talking about how to make this healthy lifestyle or weight loss lifestyle work within your busy schedule.

That sounds right, I do like that.

We’ve got the person which is the busy professional women. The more you work with people, you might whittle this down further. You might be like, “I’ve worked with busy women who are post-menopausal.” You get hyper-specific in that way or maybe not. It’s okay. You can see how things go and I love that you were doing the market research. The next thing we have to whittle down a little bit more is weight loss. Sometimes it can be helpful to get an idea of how much weight they want to lose because someone who’s 100 pounds overweight, it’s very different than someone who might be 15 pounds overweight. That can come with time but it will affect the way you speak about it because someone who needs to lose 100 pounds, it’s a very different program than a woman who is trying to lose 10 to 20 pounds.

I don’t know how you would put that into the statement.

You might say something like, “I help busy professional women looking to lose 10 to 20 pounds,” or something like that. You can even throw it in there and you might have women who have 50 pounds to lose or 5 pounds. You’ll still attract that but it differentiates from people who are carrying a little bit of extra versus someone who’s severely overweight or obese.

TWCK 39 | Attracting Clients Online
Attracting Clients Online: People who want to lose weight may not realize that the fact that they’re overweight is causing their energy issues.


What about looking to lose that stress weight, will that do?

It could work but my question would be, do they know what stress weight is? Do they know that stress causes their weight gain? They probably don’t. It’s all about speaking their language because we know what stress weight is. It’s obvious that’s stress weight but they’re like, “I’m stressed and I’m overweight, but what does that have to do?” In terms of their desire, you’ll get a bit more clarity on that when you talk with people to figure out what they want, but if it’s busy professional women, then it might have to do with something. You mentioned confidence when you said the niche statement. It has to do with confidence at work, in their professional life, feeling good in their little suit that they wear potentially or whatever.

I’ve been overweight my whole life so that’s been something that I gravitate towards. I feel confident working with getting people dialed into their diets so that they can lose that weight, be healthy, be fit, be confident, feel beautiful, and get all of that dialed in. I didn’t know if I should do active, fit, spit in another adjective, or leave it at two adjectives. I want people to be able to be active to go hiking. A lot of people don’t feel energized or energized is a better word than fit.

I would keep it related because again, people who want to lose weight may not realize the fact that they’re overweight is causing their energy issues. Typically, you’re going to attract people who are overweight and fatigue. They’re going to have more symptoms than one but you want to attract the people who are focused on weight loss and then you can teach them inside your stuff that, “You’re going to get more energized as a result of this.” Focus on the desire that is fully related to the opposite of what they’re feeling right now as someone who’s overweight if that makes sense.

The confident and beautiful specifically.

We know as health coaches and FDNs, they’re not just going to lose weight. They’re going to get all these other great, amazing symptoms and their mind is going to be blown. Right now, the only thing they care about if they’re finding you is like, “I want to lose weight but I don’t know how.”

That’s what I love about it. This is almost the beginning and starting point. You get further into the testing and you unravel everything else so they have more weight loss and then better support for their health. I thought that would unravel.

Everyone is hanging out in the conventional medical paradigm, so we’ve got to go and meet them there and then show them the new way. Attract them with what they want and then once we’ve got them hooked, we can give them what they need. They’ll be happy regardless because most people don’t care how you get them there. They want to know that you can get them there.

I have to remember that to meet them where they are and not get too lost in that nutritional lingual.

That’s a struggle for all health coaches. We’re smarty pants. We’re passionate about it but the regular person can have no idea what we’re talking about.

Is it too long to add in so they can stop stressing and start living?

I would focus on confidence and feel beautiful or feel sexy, feel fit, whatever language you think they more likely use because you don’t want it to be too much of a mouthful. Stop stressing and start living, they may not fully connect with that but I would see what your market research tells you because take note of the words that they use.

The market research will be interesting. Maybe they don’t want to feel 60 and that makes them feel uncomfortable. I would be worried about that if I’m marketing more towards menopause. That would be interesting to see how that unravels.

You’ll get so much information. I’m glad you’re doing that exercise because you’re going to get a lot of clarity from that.

That’s my focus.

I feel we’ve got your niche whittled down. Your next question was, how do you attract clients who are willing to sign up and work with you? Can you clarify that question a little bit? Then we’ll dive into that.

I get people who are interested and I was making the mistake of telling them about the program and trying to explain the cost because they always want to know what the cost and I wasn’t able to pull them in. I’ve only pulled one person into the onboarding session. She was going to try and save money and wait. I should have done the issue where 2 months or 3 months payment would have been fine but at that time, I said it was cash upfront or full payment.

One of the coaches was saying something about 2 or 3 payments so that they feel less stressed out about investing in the program. I’ve learned a couple more things since then. One of your DM feedbacks was to make sure that there’s a lot of information that goes into onboarding and the cost and the packages are different. Let’s jump into a call and see how it would go. That’s where I was struggling. It’s trying to get them into that call so that I can give them the information in more of a private situation.

Have you created a signature program?


This will help because people want to know that you have something that is exactly what they want. Now that you know that you help these busy professional women lose weight, you want to create a program just for them. You don’t have to get too crazy with what you’re going to be doing. If you’re an FDN, it’s basically FDN stuff or whatever that is, going through the diet, lifestyle, stress reduction, and all that stuff. You want to package it up into a unique method or series of steps and then give it a name that your people are going to connect with.

I’m excited to start with the metabolic typing diet to pull that in because people need to understand about food more thoroughly as to what makes them feel good so that they have less food cravings. That one and then the MRT, that’s how I want to start it all out. While waiting for all the other tests that come in, we would be working on the diet to begin with.

That’s going to be your unique method because you’re going to do it a little bit different than other FDNs based on the labs you select to use and bringing in something like metabolic typing. That’s why it’s going to be different. People are going to wonder, “I’ve done other things. Why is this different?” You’re like, “It’s the XYZ method and it’s different than these other things that you do because of this.” Having a signature offer will help you attract and naming it something that connects with your ideal client. I do agree with you. You do want to get people onto a call. When you tell people a price, that’s all they have to go. People are used to price-comparing. With what we do, it’s invaluable because if people follow your program, they could change their life.

Once you get them on the onboarding, Jen Molech was saying, “You call it an investment. Our big investment in this will be this.” It’s much easier to control that flow and offer in a private phone call than it is out on a sales for the store or something like that.

Sometimes, you can sell people over a direct message or something like that. If you’re pricing your program properly, it’s going to be a little bit higher ticket and you are going to want to talk to someone. Not only to show them the value of what you’re offering but to make sure they’re a good fit because you want to know that you can help someone. That’s the primary goal of that call. It’s to determine, “Is this someone I can help? Are they willing to do the work?”

TWCK 39 | Attracting Clients Online
Attracting Clients Online: People need to understand food more thoroughly as to what makes them feel good so that they have fewer food cravings.


I’m working on that as well as getting them into an onboarding call. I’m not charging at this point. I want to practice getting people onto onboarding calls. Once I get a fuller schedule then I can go more towards charging for onboarding calls if it comes up to that or not. I’m changing the word to more qualifying onboarding call because you had mentioned that.

I love the word qualifying calls.

I’m trying to internalize that more.

Initially, sales calls take a lot of time to finesse. They take a lot of practice. Offer them for free. Make it low barrier to enter so you can get lots of them. At some point, you’ll end up with too many and you’ll want to start either charging, application only or something like that. In the meantime, it’s good to talk to lots of people and get experience doing them.

That’s one thing I’ve been studying. I’m writing everything down, trying to get the onboarding, qualifying calls, questions all straight in my head, and write it all out so that I can have it there and ready to use.

Let’s talk about your Facebook page because your next question was, “If I only use Facebook, am I using my time?” Is that your primary social media?

Yes. That’s what I’ve been doing and that works for my age group because people that are following me tend to be more my age, people from high school, and my family. I’ve had some younger people come in from work or other health coaching group that I was in and the health coaching group. Some different ages are coming in. Some younger women are in there. I don’t know a lot about Instagram. You did mention using one to start off so it’s not overwhelming. I am trying to fine-tune Facebook and make sure that I got that fine-tuned but I am dabbling into getting Instagram set up.

- Kendra
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