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How to Attract New Clients by Building a Better Social Strategy

I can’t wait for you to hear this valuable info today, my friend!

On today’s episode of the Wealthy Coach Podcast, I am doing a  1-on-1 coaching call recording — raw, real and completely unedited.

The person I’m coaching today is Lori Balue Raquipiso. She’s a Adapt Functional Health Coach &  FDN and  who helps women with weight loss and is wanting to quit her full-time retail job. 

Lori has had one client in 2020 who ghosted her after just a few sessions. She is writing regular blogs on various topics but isn’t sure if these are really improving her visibility. Her primary platform is Facebook and isn;t sure if she will be able to reach people that way.

This where I swoop in. *WOOSH*

In this episode, I’ll help Lori…

  • Optimize her niche statement
  • Improve her social media strategy
  • Simplify her blog writing progress
  • Learn how to attract new clients
  • Get ready to outsource her social media content

Listen as magic unfolds! Listen here

How to optimize a niche statement

When it comes to messaging, you want to have a clear message that actually speaks to specific people. What that means is, if you work with women –  you need to talk to them based on the age you want to attract. You would talk to an 18 year old differently than a 90 year old. If you’re confused about what that language would be, make it about yourself because we tend to attract people are like us.

 The more you work with people, the more you will likely whittle your messaging down further. As you progress your market research and hear the language people are using, you’ll be able to apply the words to your messaging.

How to attract new clients

Find new clients is definitely not an easy process, but something that I still do even in my seventh year of my business is personal outreach. And I do this through Instagram by following other health coaches and comment on their stuff. If you’re niche is weight loss, like Lori’s, you would find other weight loss health coaches and see who their followers are. Follow those followers and send them a DM.

Anytime I get a new follower on Instagram, I send them a direct message and just try to start up a conversation. That’s really the best proactive way to get clients instead of sitting around and waiting for them to show up.

Want more on niching down? Get my Define Your Money Making Niche Workbook here.

- Kendra
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