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The Basics of Branding with Alexis Campbell

Are you just a little bit confused as to what the F a brand is. It’s a HUGE buzzword these days, but it can really feel like an abstract concept. Plus, it’s way more involved than just your colors and your fonts.

In this episode of the Wealthy Coach Podcast, we are diving into the basics of branding where I’m interviewing branding expert, Alexis Campbell.

We discuss:

  • what a brand is and why you need one
  • the importance of starting with the non-visual aspects of your brand before deciding colors and fonts
  • how to bring authenticity into your business
  • why you need a brand photo shoot and how to plan one

Alexis is the lead designer and founder of Luxe creative studios for over a decade. She has worked in the world of beauty and media communications as a professional makeup artist and blogger, and that world of intense brand campaigns and social media marketing. She honed her skills in graphic design, brand photography and website design. She retired from the beauty industry in 2017 and focused her efforts on helping other female entrepreneurs craft banging brands. She took everything she knew about marketing & branding to support ambitious women through the power of a brand makeover.


What is branding

Branding is really about an experience. It’s a combination of visual and non-visual elements. The visual elements are the colors and logo, but the non-visual elements are things that you can’t see but are always present. That’s your business’s personality, your business’s voice and tone. It’s the way your business talks to your audience because that’s going to be reflective of what that personality has been defined as.

How to find your brand voice

One thing about being an authentic brand is that there is no right or wrong because what people are buying into is who you are. As long as your services are professional and giving quality work, you will find people that are attracted to your authentic personality. The more diverse, the better somebody out there is looking for it.

You can figure out what your brand voice is by looking at what your natural voice is. To find your voice, you should be between being educational, informing, getting your point across about how you want to help them, but also your real voice and tone. This could be a little be a slang, a little bit of swearing – whatever your voice includes.

Want more?

Listen to the episode to learn why a brand shoot is an important part of your marketing material that can be easily achieved and still keep it on brand with your style.

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