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3 ✨DM Scripts✨ To Blow Up Your Sales

TWCK 138 | DM Sales Scripts

Are you using social media to reach and engage with your target business? Are you driving results and generating revenue? You could have a lot of followers, but are you converting those into qualified leads? Listen to your host Kendra Perry as she shares the three DM Scripts that could blow up your sales! The best way to increase engagement and turn cold leads into warm leads is to build relationships with your potential clients. Posting and just ghosting them would not do you any good. You are working on the media side of things but not the social side of things, which could bring your business down. It’s all about commitment. You must be willing to start those meaningful conversations while posting! Tune in to learn how you could create content that resonates more with your audience and how you could strategize your conversations with them.

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3 ✨DM Scripts✨ To Blow Up Your Sales

We’re talking about conversations, direct message scripts and the thing that you should be doing but you’re probably not doing much. I want to talk to you about a scenario that I’ve been seeing a lot. I’m having a lot of people reach out to me on social media or new students come into Health Coach Accelerator who have these big social media followings. I’m talking 10,000 plus followers, maybe even up to 30,000 or 40,000 followers but they don’t have clients. A lot of them aren’t even making $2,000 a month in their business.

It’s confusing because a lot of us think that if you have a big following, you are going to get clients. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case. What’s happening with these people and students is that they’re employing a tactic called posting and ghosting. It’s exactly like it sounds. You are posting on social media and then you’re ghosting. You’re posting and essentially waiting for people to come to you. This is a strategy that doesn’t work very well for anyone new to the online space.

Can this strategy work later on in your business? Maybe if you’ve established a lot of online credibilities, you have a huge organic social media following and you’ve done a good job with marketing your content, maybe posting on social media is enough. Even for the bigger people, this isn’t the best tactic, especially not in 2022.

When you’re posting on social media, if people are following you, based on your content, you are filling your audience full of cold leads. Cold leads are people who know you. They just know you. They are aware of you. You have entered the realm of consciousness. They’re like, “There’s Kendra. There she is. I know her,” but they don’t have any other opinion about you or me. They’re like, “She’s a talking head.” They don’t trust me. They don’t like me. They are just aware of me.

When it comes to selling through social media, you have to move people from cold to warm to hot. You need to find cold people to make them aware of you and get them to know you but you have to get them to like you. That’s when they become a warm lead because they don’t just know about you but they like you.

From there, we have to turn them from warm to hot. When they become hot, that’s when they trust us. Once they trust us, they are more likely to invest in our services because trust is the number one determining factor as to whether they are going to buy from you or not. When you are posting, you do a good job of filling your audience with cold leads.

TWCK 138 | DM Sales Scripts
DM Sales Scripts: When a cold lead becomes hot, that’s when they trust us. Once they do, they are more likely to invest in our services. Trust is the number one determining factor in whether they are going to buy or not.


You might be able to warm them up but this process can take a long time. The reason why it can take a long time is that there’s something about social media that we’re not doing that’s pretty obvious. Let’s look at the term social media. Social and media. When we are posting and ghosting, we are working on the media side of things but not on the social side of things.

Social media is meant to be social. Who knew? When you are posting on social media, you’re not being social. What I mean by being social is engaging and having conversations with your audience. It’s like if you went to a conference. You set up a booth at a conference. If you’ve been to a conference before, there are a lot of interactions and networking. People are chatting.

Let’s say you set up your booth and then you leave. You hope that people are going to grab your business card and get in touch with you. There may be the odd person who contacts you through your business card or maybe puts their name on your little email list thing but it’s probably not going to be a lot of people. How could we make that better? How could we optimize this conference experience?

We could be present at our booth. We could be talking to all the people who came by, interacting with them, learning about them, determining, “Are they someone whom you could help,” getting them on a sales call with you and booking them into your schedule. Hopefully, you see the difference there. It’s pretty obvious. If you went to a conference, you were just there as an attendee and there was a booth with some stuff that looked interesting but the person was nowhere to be found, you’re like, “That seems interesting but where’s this person? I’ll take a business card.”

That business card gets lost in your wallet. You find it years later and you’re like, “What is this?” You throw it in the garbage. Versus the next booth, which is also interesting but there’s a person there who shakes your hand, introduces themselves to you and seems genuinely interested in hearing you, seeing you, understanding you and having a conversation with you. Who are you likely going to buy from? It’s the person you have a relationship with because relationships sell.

When it comes to social media, we need to be having conversations with people. This is so important but most people aren’t doing it. This is a big reason why they’re not selling with social media or getting much traction through their social media. A big part of this is there is a fear of having conversations on social media. We don’t want to come across as pushy or salesy. We don’t want to be gross. There’s a lot of fear around sales probably because we’ve been aggressively sold to in our lives.

TWCK 138 | DM Sales Scripts
DM Sales Scripts: There’s a lot of fear around sales, probably because we’ve been aggressively sold to in our lives.


Even on Instagram, how many DMS do you get where people are popping and being like, “I’m so-and-so. You’d be a perfect fit for my program. Buy my thing.” You’re like, “I don’t even know you. Go away.” Block and delete. It is fine. I want to give you permission to want to make sales on social media. It’s fine that you’re a coach who wants to make sales and help people because the only way for you to truly help someone and transform them is through the transaction and the sale. Where sales feel slimy pushy is where we’re having conversations with people and pretending that we’re not a coach

Be transparent. You don’t want to pretend you’re not a coach. Be upfront about that. Suddenly, it feels a whole lot less salesy and slimy because you’re being transparent about it. The secret to selling through social media and making sales through social media using social media as a medium to get clients is to have more conversations because sales happen in conversations.

There are a lot of people online who look like they are passively marketing, where they’re pumping out ads. It’s all automated. That’s possible but people don’t start there. Nobody starts there. It’s very hard to get to a business model like that. It takes time. I challenge you to think that even some of those people who are doing that more “passive marketing” are still having conversations.

I want to give you an example. I run ads. In the past few years, I’ve been dabbling in ads. I built my whole business on organic but I am using more paid traffic. I have an ad that runs to a free tool. I give away my price-for-profit calculator, which helps coaches choose an intentional profitable price point for their program or service. It’s a pretty juicy freebie.

After people go through the form, they opt-in and end up on a little page that says, “Thanks. Your calculator is going to be in your inbox in 5 to 10 minutes. In the meantime, if you want to get this workshop I have for free, shoot me a DM on Instagram with the words, ‘Give me that workshop.’” Why do I do that? What’s the reason for that? It’s because conversations and relationships matter.

Just getting someone onto my email list is awesome but it may not be enough to keep them on my email list and get them into Health Coach Accelerator in any reasonable timeframe. How can I speed up the process? I could get to know them and have a conversation with them. I could be curious, understand their pain points, their desires, where they are and where they want to go and determine which accelerator is a fit for them. I could greatly increase that process by having a conversation with them by direct message. I want you to think about why I’m doing that.

TWCK 138 | DM Sales Scripts
DM Sales Scripts: The secret to making sales through social media and using social media as a medium to get clients is to have more conversations because sales happen in conversations.


When it comes to social media, the more conversations you have, the better. Conversations are just as effective, if not more effective than your content. Content is important. You want to be consistent with content. It’s super important but if you’re not having any conversations, your content may never work or it might work slowly. I’m going to give you three DM scripts that every single health coach should be using. This is coming straight from my Health Coach Accelerator program. This is juicy. Get a pencil and a piece of paper. Write this down.

New Follower Script

The first thing that I want you to consider for a DM script is a new follower script. I’m not talking about some automated crap. I hate the automated messages like, “Thanks for following me.” You can tell it’s not personal. The nice thing about this is that you’re new. You don’t have a lot of followers. You can welcome all your new followers. As you grow bigger and you get more people following you, this gets harder. I get about 20 to 30 people following me a day and I still do this. You can write this message out in a Notes app or Google Doc. You can copy-paste it but you’re going to still personalize it. You want to be a human and make sure that you introduce yourself with your title so that people know you’re a health coach.

The truth is just because someone follows you doesn’t mean they’re going to remember you. Think about your activity and how you interact on social media. You see something. You follow someone. You probably forget about that person. You want to make sure you’re top of mind with this person. You don’t want to lose that relationship. I send out a message that says, “Hey, Susie.” I always make sure to use their name because that’s what personalizes it. I say, “I saw that you followed me. I wanted to reach out to you,” like a human and introduce myself.

“I’m Kendra, a business mentor for coaches and practitioners. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you find my profile?” You can see how non-threatening that is. I’m not asking for anything. We’re at the beginning of our dating relationship. Not only is that great information for me to have because it will tell me how people are finding me. Maybe it’s going to tell me something that I didn’t know but also, it’s a great way to engage in a conversation with someone.

They’re going to tell you, “I found you through this person or this post.” You’re going to say, “That’s great. Is this something that you’re looking for support with?” They probably followed you for a certain reason. Maybe they’re going to say, “I saw your post on macros so I’m following you.” You’re like, “Are just you getting into macros? What’s the deal with that?”

They’re like, “I’m trying to figure out X, Y and Z.” You could say something as simple as, “I’m curious, Susie but is there a specific goal you’re working towards? What is it about macros that you’re using to work towards a specific goal or achievement?” You’re going to find out. They’re like, “I’m trying to lose weight.” You can start to get into a conversation with them. With any script and conversation you have, the goal is always to get them on a sales call. It’s not to give them free tips or information. You might call this a discovery call. It’s the same thing.

TWCK 138 | DM Sales Scripts
DM Sales Scripts: Just because someone follows you doesn’t mean they’re going to remember you.


Maybe they’re going to say something like, “I’m trying to lose this weight.” You can say, “Thanks for letting me know. I’m curious, what have you tried so far that’s worked? Where have you felt challenged?” They’re going to say, “This and that.” You can say something simple like, “I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but that is something that I help my clients with inside my program. I’m curious, would you like to hop on a call to learn more about that program?” You can see how this can naturally lead.

It’s not always going to be that smooth. Sometimes people aren’t going to want to talk. They’re going to give you a clear no or some sort of sign that they’re not interested. Read the room. If it’s natural, this is one of the best ways to get people on a call. Sometimes a conversation needs to breathe and a bit of space. You need to come back to it. Do a good job of tracking your leads like having a little Excel spreadsheet and writing down like, “I chatted with Susie on August 20th, 2022. She didn’t get back to me. I’m going to follow up with her in two days.”

Put a little date. Every day when you come on to do your designated and scheduled social media engagement, you can open up your spreadsheet and say, “I need to follow up with Susie on X, Y and Z date.” You can say something like, “Susie, I’m sure you haven’t gotten around to it yet but I’m curious. Have you had a chance to book that call,” or whatever you’re following up on. The truth is the more conversations and relationships you can build, the better.

Liked Your Post Script

You can see how this is not pushy or sleazy. You are taking the hint if people don’t want to interact with you but the only way for you to transform people or guide them towards transformation is through the transaction. You should be welcoming all new followers to your accounts, whether it’s Instagram, Facebook group or LinkedIn.

The next DM script that you can use is what I call “I liked your postscript.” A like is a low form of engagement. It’s too easy to hit. It takes two seconds. While it is a form of engagement, it’s great. There is a way to take that from a low form of engagement to a high form of engagement. If somebody liked your post, there was something that resonated with them about it. I would send that person a message because that is a lead. You could say, “Jane, I saw that you liked my post on taking lithium for anxiety.” I wanted to reach out and introduce myself like a human.

If you haven’t had any prior interaction with them, you can say, “I’m curious, what was it about that post that resonated?” My advice with any of these conversations is to always end every response with a question because if you have a statement, it doesn’t give them any reason to respond. This is a good way to get someone that simply liked your post and is probably going to forget about you to have a meaningful conversation with you. How cool is that?

TWCK 138 | DM Sales Scripts
DM Sales Scripts: With any script or conversation you have, the goal is always to get them on a sales call. It’s not to give them free tips or information.


When you’re new and starting, there’s a good chance you’re not getting a whole lot of likes for your content. Maybe you get twenty likes. You can create a little stock message. All you have to do is input what the post was about and the name of the person. You can start up a conversation with them. That’s a powerful script as well.

Direct Outreach Script

The third one is my favorite and is the most impactful. It will be a good tool for growing your account. Maybe you’re like, “Kendra, I don’t have people following me. No one likes my post except for my mom. I love my mom but she’s not my ideal client.” This is what I call the direct outreach script. This is how you go find your followers. You might feel a bit of resistance when I say this but I want you to be open-minded because this works if you were open to it.

People aren’t writing in their bio on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn something like, “I’m Leah and I have fatigue.” They’re not saying that for the most part. How do you find these people? Find other experts, coaches or influencers in your niche that have big accounts. An example, say you help women with thyroid or Hashimoto’s, you might go to Izabella Wentz’s account or someone like that who has a lot of followers.

You can also do this with Facebook groups. Find Facebook groups that are public and hopefully aren’t run by another coach because that gets a little bit sleazy. You want to find open public groups that are support groups. They’re probably run by someone who has that problem and who’s not a coach. You can be a fly on the wall. You’re looking for comments or questions on posts that indicate someone is an ideal client.

Maybe if we’re using thyroid as an example, say there’s a post on thyroid blood labs. Let’s say that the question is, “I’m curious, what does it mean when my TSH is this number? What does it mean when I’m still experiencing all these thyroid symptoms but my doctor’s telling me my TSH is normal?” When you see that, you instantly know that that is probably someone who is an ideal client. First, you want to do a little bit of light engagement with them. Go maybe like one of their posts or comment on a photo.

If you don’t have access to that, maybe because they have a limited Facebook profile. It’s both ways but no matter what, you’re going to send them a message saying, “Leah, I noticed that you asked a question on this person’s post or in the group on this. I’m curious, are you still looking for an answer or support with that?” This is starting the conversation. If you are tracking, you should be because everything should be tracked. If they don’t get back to you, you can follow. Maybe they don’t get back to you and that’s fine.

TWCK 138 | DM Sales Scripts
DM Sales Scripts: If we’re not having conversations, then we’re really not impacting people in the way that we could be.


This is a powerful way to start conversations. There are a few different things that happen here. You’re boots on the ground building relationships with people. A direct message is a high-quality form of engagement. When people are messaging you back and forth, you are way more likely to show up in their feed and get priority. They’re going to start seeing all that beautiful content that you are creating. This is the most effective way to make a shitload of money on social media with a small following.

What most people are telling you to do is to create content and be consistent. That’s important but it’s only half of social media. It’s only the media side of things. We have to be social. I have clients in Health Coach Accelerator who have under 500 followers but make $10,000 a month. Why is that? They’re not just posting content. They’re building relationships with their people. Let’s break this down. Let’s say you started ten conversations a day for the next year but not on the weekends. Let’s say you’re doing it five days a week. That’s 50 conversations a week. That is 200 conversations a month. That is 2,400 conversations a year.

Let’s say that you are charging $2,000 for your program and you convert 2%. It was $96,000. It’s a six-figure business. This is powerful stuff, even though you might be feeling a little bit of tightness in your neck and resistance in your shoulders. Having conversations is scary. We don’t want to be that gross, pushy, manipulative salesperson so we feel resistance towards it. If we’re not having conversations, we’re not impacting people in the way that we could be. We’re slowing down the process for ourselves.

I want you to commit to starting ten conversations like this one every single day, Monday through Friday, for a few months and see what happens. Two months isn’t enough time to get results because you get better at this over time, get more comfortable and get better at controlling, leading the conversation and getting people onto a sales call. See what happens with your social media when you commit to doing this. If you commit to doing this, you are going to see a difference.

Speaking of DMS, I would love for you to send me a direct message on Instagram. Shoot me a message. My handle is @KendraPerryInc. I love to chat with you. If you have any questions or you want more information about enrolling in Health Coach Accelerator, which will help you sell your signature program online through social media to build a six-figure business, shoot me a message. We can talk about it and see if you’re a good fit. That’s all I got for you. I love you much. If you love this episode and you want to do a little bit of something to support me, you can take 2 minutes of your time and leave me a 5-star review on iTunes.

If you’re an Apple user, if you have an iPhone, you can do this through the Apple Podcasts app. If you’re on Android, you have to go through iTunes on your desktop. It’s a little bit more effort but if you’re like Kendra, I don’t have time for that. I get it. make sure you are subscribed to this show and download the last three episodes. That alone is huge for the show so I’d appreciate it. That is all I got for you. I will see you on the next episode at the same time, same place where I help you become wealthy AF.


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