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3 Tips to Crush Your Next Launch


As I recorded today’s High on Business episode, and as I write this blog post, we are in the middle of a global crisis. Things are weird & scary and every day we wake up not knowing what to expect. But I want to reiterate that if you have been planning a launch prior to all of this, I want you to still go through with it. You still want to be launching because your people need you.

So you should still go through with your launch, but you may need to change your messaging and change how you are talking about what you’re talking about. But most importantly, you really want to show your audience why it’s important that they invest in you right now.

I have three tips to crush your next launch:

1) Pre-validate your offer2) Tease your program and build hype3) Use urgency

Pre-validateBefore you launch anything, you want to do the proper research and engagement with your audience to make sure it’s actually what your audience wants.

As health coaches, we know what our audience needs, but they don’t know that. They just know what they want. When it comes to marketing your offer, you really need to meet them where they are at and that is with their wants or desires.

From a messaging point of view & a launch perspective, you have to meet them with what they want. It’s really important that you launch a program that is niche specific. So having a niche is a part of the pre-validation program because once you know who you’re talking to, it’s a lot easier to actually know what you should be launching and what you should be selling to them.

Before I launched anything, I always put out a survey to my audience and I ask them what they’re struggling with.

If I don’t get an overwhelming yes to any of the questions I ask, I go back to the drawing board. Ask the questions and be very transparent.

Tease your program and build hypeYour launch should never be a secret because when you suddenly launch your program, your audience does know what it is and you’re basically starting from the bottom.

By teasing it and explaining why you’re so excited about it and why they should care, you build this buzz around it. By the time you launch, people are ready to buy.

To build the hype, you want to show the behind the scenes, and you can do this in a variety of ways. My personal favorite place to show behind the scenes is Instagram stories. I not only use Instagram stories as an educational tool, but also as a way to show people what I’m actually working on.

You want to find a way to show people what you’re actually working on and make sure that the content you are sharing leading up to the launch date is relevant to the topic of your program.

Use urgencyThere needs to be some sort of urgency because people need a little bit of pressure to buy. If you have something that’s always available and it’s always the same price and people know they can always get it, even if they have the best intentions to actually do it, they’re probably never going to get around to doing it.

There’s a few different ways you can add urgency, but first, you need to a clearly define an open and close cart date.

If you are launching something that is always available then people can always invest, but maybe a few times a year you launch it and offer a price promo. It’s nice to do this on the front end of any launch because it kind of motivates you to see all those sales come in. People need pressure, they need a little fire under their ass to take action.

So remember, you CAN and SHOULD launch your group programs right now, even during a pandemic. As a health coach, this is your time to step up and be a leader. To be there for your people and give them what they need to support them. And if you don’t know who your audience is and what they need, they you definitely want to download my Profitable Niche Workbook

- Kendra
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