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DIY-ing Your Launch Will Cost You More Time & More Money


We have shifted our thoughts to believe that we can DIY anything these days (thanks Pinterest). But there’s some things that shouldn’t be done yourself. One of those things is launching your very valuable group program. On today's episode of HIGH on Business, we talk about DIY-ing the launch of a course or program and why you SHOULDN’T do-it-yourself. Because let’s face it, doing some things yourself when you don’t know what you’re doing takes a lot of time and a lot of money – that’s like replacing your car engine when you’re not a mechanic.

Many times why someone would DIY is because they are afraid to invest. It may seem like the cheaper, more affordable option to just do it yourself, but in the long run it can cost you so much money & time.

When I was in my second year of health coaching, I decided to hire a coach to teach me how to do my launches right. And she was worth every penny – I learned a lot from her and she's the one who pushed me to finally pick a specific niche. Up until that point, I kind of floundered around, didn't really know who I was helping, and she really pushed me to pick a niche. Now the niche I ultimately chose was not a good niche and unfortunately she didn't pick it up because she didn't have experience in health and wellness. This is why, as health and wellness coaches, if you're going to hire a coach, I really think they need to have been one themselves.

With her help, I launched my first beta launch and I made $2,000! I was super excited and to be honest, I don't think I could have done it without her support because she helped me with everything. But once I knew I was what I was doing (or at least I thought I was), I decided it was time for the big launch.

After I did my test launch, I decided to DIY it. That was a big mistake because what I didn't understand is that a test launch and an actual launch are very different beasts. The official launch has a lot more that goes into it.

Unfortunately, there were a few things that went wrong with this DIY launch.

I launched the program four times and didn't even break even. I actually lost money and in 4 launches, I maybe four to six enrollments. One of the big reasons why I lost so much money was because I was totally DIY-ing it and I didn't really know what I was doing.

Launching takes a lot of time, energy, strategy, mindset, and a lot of tech. So I really think if you truly want to launch a program or a high ticket mastermind, you shouldn’t be DIY-ing it. You shouldn’t try to figure it out on your own because this only leads to two outcomes.

The first outcome is that you don't even do it right. I know a lot of coaches who have full intention to DIY something, but just end up putting it off for years. I can't tell you how many coaches I've met who've built out full programs that are just sitting on the shelves collecting dust because they’re too scared to actually put it out there and try to sell it.

The second outcome is that you lose money.  You invest in all these fancy platforms that really don't make the sales for you. Launching requires a lot of strategy and just having these fancy platforms that connect all these things don't guarantee sales.

Ultimately you will more success if you invest in someone who's done what you want to do and is willing to give you all that mentoring & support on the strategy, the tech, and the mindset.

So if you don’t want to launch alone and don’t want to DIY it, I have my Profitable Group Systems program right now that will help you do this. It’s currently on promo until Friday, May 22 at 3:00pm PST. In this program you will learn my five step system to launching a program in just 30-days. After the doors close this Friday, you will still be able to get the program but you won’t be able to get the bonuses that I'm offering with it, which is the Webinar Script, and my Define Your Profitable Niche Workshop. You’ll also access into my Sales Call Training Workshop, which is coming up in June. So you're going to get all those juicy bonuses but those are only available till Friday.

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- Kendra
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