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Blow Up Your Instagram with Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels

Let’s talk Instagram Reels! Should you be doing them? Are they worth your time? The answer is Yes! But why?

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In episode 48 of the Wealthy Coach Podcast, I’ll be discussing:

  • Why Reels are the most powerful piece of Instagram content right now
  • How to make Instagram Reels without dancing
  • How I have used Reels to increase my Instagram engagement by 500%
  • What type of content to share in a Reel
  • How you can use Reels to grow your audience in 2021

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What are Instagram Reels?

Reels are Instagram’s version of Tik Tok. They are 15-30 second video clips that automatically repeat. And because they are a new feature on the platform, Instagram is rewarding people who make reels. This in turn makes them a great way to end up on the explore page and get you in front of a new audience. Yay!

How to Make a Reel Without Dancing

When the Reels first came out on Instagram, it was a lot of similar content to what you would find on Tik Tok – aka silly videos of people dancing. I don’t understand how dancing is relevant to my business. So unless you’re a dance instructor, you do NOT have to dance in your Instagram Reels. There are other options.

There are a couple of different ways that you can utilize Reels.

Step by step video

This could be showing how to make a recipe, or a quick step by step instructional on how to do something. This is where you can list different items – 5 steps to close a sales call for example.

Funny and comedic

I’ve never considered myself much of a comedian, but I have found reels to be very useful in bringing out my weird comedic side. This is a way to bring entertainment and humour to your feed but still relevant to what you do. For example, Shit New Health Coaches Say.

Tutorial or quick tip

This can be a quick tip showing how to do something. So if you are constantly getting questions about something, perhaps you can make a quick tutorial Reel to demonstrate this.

The result of me doing Reels

I’m getting around 1,500 views on my Reels videos. In fact, one has 5,000 views on it, which is crazy because typically I get 50 to 100 likes on my static posts, and around 300 views on my IGTV videos. I’ve also noticed in my analytics that I’m getting a 500% increase in the accounts I have reached. So it’s leading to more followers as well.

Whatever you decide to do with Instagram Reels, it’s important that the content you put out is quality and you are not posting just to post. Put out a Reel, as often as you can sit down and make a good Reel.


- Kendra
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