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Business Lessons of 2020

Business Lessons of 2020

2020 has been a crazy year, but there were a lot of business lessons learned. It’s been a challenging year for everyone in some shape or form. We’ve been tested in ways that we probably never imagined that we would be tested.

For me it has been an incredibly polarizing year because while this has been challenging, it has also been one of the best years I have had in a decade – for my health, my personal development and my business.

So today, I want to share some of the greatest lessons I learned in 2020. I’m sharing the business lessons I learned on:

  • How to have a plan but still remain flexible
  • Using social media intentionally
  • Letting go of judgement and standing up for what I believe in
  • How to reply compassionately, not reactively
  • Doing less to make more


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Business Lesson: the importance of planning

To be completely honest, I didn’t plan anything. Ever. I like to be spontaneous and be in the moment. But I didn’t end up planning much in the beginning of the year and I ended up with way too much stuff on my plate. 

So a lesson I learned in 2020 was the importance of setting boundaries and actually following through with them and have consequences in place should those boundaries be broken. 

Learn how to let go of judgment

I have different viewpoints from mainstream media on many of the things that took place in 2020 and I’ve received a lot of shame for that. But I also know I need to stand in my truth and I need to live my life based on what’s true for me. 

Learning the power of breath work

I started doing regular breath work through Marcel Hof’s technique called D.A.B. – Dopamine Activation Breathing in February or March. It really helped me gain more energy, increase my endurance, and help me focus. 

Business lesson learned: it’s okay to try things that don’t work

Most of my business leading up until recently has been based on private one-on-one coaching. I did that primarily when I was health coaching. But more recently, I went from private coaching to wanting to do this do it yourself course model. So sell courses with minimal support and people just do them on their own time. So I did launch a course like this but even though I never promised support, I hated not supporting people. I hated not knowing where they were on their journey. I hated that I didn’t develop community within that course. 

So very last minute, I switched my Health Coach Accelerator program from this style of course to one that runs in live time. And I love it. I’ve never been so proud of anything and this might actually become my life’s work. 

Biggest learning from 2020: less is more

This is in line with boundaries again. I found this year that I was creating so much content and so many different offerings. It was too much and it wasn’t a valuable use of my time. So I decided to really edit things down and only focusing on a few key programs.

Overall, this year has been incredibly transformational for me. And I hope you have found some positive transformational elements to the year for yourself too. So I want to wish you a happy 2020 going into 2021!

- Kendra
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